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White PS Vita Launches With Shigeru Matsuzaki

The Crystal White PS Vita recently launched in Japan and to help the proceedings, Sony enlisted the services of Shigeru Matsuzaki who is both a singer and an actor.

One of the roles that he is well known for is the 1982 film, Space Adventure Cobra, helmed by Osamu Dezaki.

Below you can find two trailers, one is a 15 second version while the other features Shigeru getting really into his craft.

15 sec version

The Full Effect!

Crystal White For PS Vita In June & Hatsune Miku Surprise

Visitors to last year’s Tokyo Game Show may remember seeing a whole swathe of PS Vita units on display in different colours. Well if you’ve been holding out on buying one because the black model just don’t cut it for you, then you’ll be pleased with the announcement today.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have released the news today that the PS Vita will be coming with a new colour on June 28th and that colour, drum roll please, is Crystal White. ¥29,980 will get you the 3G model while ¥24,980 will nab you the Wi-Fi model. If you don’t have any Crystal White headphones lying around, you can also pick up a pair for ¥2,980.

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The news gets better however on August 30th with the release of a Limited Edition Hatsune Miku PS Vita variation. Included in the Hatsune Miku PS Vita package will be the Vita system, 4GB memory card, screen protector guard, a copy of Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva (which is still a working title), a unique AR card, AC adapter, power cord and a USB cable.

This Limited Edition PS Vita will set you back ¥34,980 for the Wi-Fi model while the 3G/Wi-Fi model will retail for ¥39,800. The Hatsune Miku game will cost ¥7,329 for the cartridge version while the download version will go for ¥6,600. Check out the trailer below for both the Crystal White PS Vita and the Hatsune Miku edition, nice.