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Yuri!!! On Ice Dakimakura Covers

You love Yuri!!! On Ice and you also have a healthy obsession with dakimakura, those loveable, huggable full body pillow covers? Well, now you can combine the two and have sweet dreams with your favourite character thanks to these goodies hitting the streets of Japan.

There are three characters up for grabs with Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki all available but even better is that there 2 variant of each one as well. So you can choose between one variant which features a sleepwear version with a summer outfit on the other side or alternately you can grab the other one which features a sexy version on one side with a clothed version on the other. That’s six body pillows all up, each measuring 160cm in length and selling for ¥16,200…ouch!

But check out these designs though…

Yuri Plisetsky

Victor Nikiforov

Yuri Katsuki

Pre-orders are open on the Animedia shop so be quick!

Gorgeous Dakimakura Designs Incoming

Dakimakura serve two purposes. One, they’re handy for lonely Otaku to hug and pass the time and two, they usually have exquisite designs on them and will liven up any Otaku bedroom.

The ones below are no different bearing some new designs from Strike Witches, Hyperdimension Neptunia, High School D x D and loads more. Amazing gallery below, just remember to wipe up your drool when done.

[AFG_gallery id=’355′]

Free! merch is incoming

Swimming anime Free! has finished for now but that doesn’t mean that fans can just forget about Summer’s most popular anime. Full length pillows, or dakimakura, are quite common in otaku bedrooms and now we hear that Free! will be receiving the same treatment.

[AFG_gallery id=’336′]

Pre-orders for the Free! half dakimakura’s which are being produced by Iwatobi SC which will be released in late November. There’s also an Offcial Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket. The Iwatobi SC bag is already being sold for ¥4,725.

free bag
Iwatobi SC bag
Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket
Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket


Iwatobi chan hoodie blanket
Iwatobi chan hoodie blanket