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Got an hour and forty minutes to kill? Review on Death Note (US) 2017…

The adaption that nobody asked for was finally released….

When I write a review about something I try to remain positive and optimistic. I try to see the good in a project and give it a fair go. I went into watching the new ‘Death Note’ film that has been released on Netflix on August 25th with an open mind. With that said my mind was blown as to how bad it was. It was just plain terrible.

Now, before I continue I must confess. Although I have seen a good majority of episodes, I have yet to complete ‘Death Note’ anime series. That said I know the characters and the general plot of the story where Light becomes the holder of the Death Note book and any name that is written in the book would face their untimely death.

Now this production was exactly what Netflix would produce, an over budget show filled with gore and sexual content. We start the film on such a confusing note, the main character Light Turner is an ‘edgy’ teen in a typical American high school that mysteriously ends up with a book that fell from the sky. I wish I was making that up but that is exactly what happens.

The pacing and general plot of the movie was so ridiculous when I was watching it I would be questioning my own sanity as to why I was still watching. The script was just bad. Some of the dialogue between the characters was just so ridiculous you felt as if you eyes would roll back so hard in your head. The characters in the film were just not what you would expect, particularly from the main leads, Light (Kira) and Mia. From what the film makes it out to be is that Light and Mia team up to use the Death Note to get rid of the scum, getting their thrills from doing this. It was just an odd development for the characters and completely unrealistic. It makes it even more insane towards the end of the movie. On note of the characters, the actor that plays Light/Kira was completely terrible. This movie could have had some sort of potential if they got an actor that could actually act. He was just bad. I can’t even be nice about it.

I want to rant and rant more about this movie, but it would be spoiling it for everyone. It is just not my cup of tea. It could have been a decent adaption for western audiences if they paid more attention to the script, plot devices, the main actor and general delivery of scenes. I was one of those people that crave more adaptions of anime to western screens, but if this is what they are putting out into the universe, just keep it. Was there anything redeeming in this film? Sure Willem Dafoe, the dude is damn scary and brilliant, only perfect casting choice in this film. Also the soundtrack was interesting. It took on a strange 80’s vibe which actually strangely fit the darkness that this film was trying to portray.

If you are a Death Note fan I strongly suggest you stay with the anime. If you are a casual fan what the hell give it a shot, but don’t go into watching this film thinking it will win any awards. It is a teen angst drama filled with sex and gore. It would be like if Twilight was given a budget.

I rate this 1/5.

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Review: Death Note: Light Up The New World (Movie)

Ten years after the last Death Note movie hit theatres, cinemagoers in 2016 are treated to a new movie entry in the series. Death Note: Light Up The New World recently hit cinemas in a limited release in Australia and been a fan of the anime and the manga, I had to get along to it. So what did I think of it? It’s a watchable affair but not without its flaws some of which are too big to just ignore.

Death Note Light Up

In case you missed all the news about it, the movie is set ten years after the events of the previous movies and the Death King in charge of the shinigami world releases six Death Notes on Earth in order to relieve some boredom. Having six murder notebooks on Earth stirs things up with 4 of the notebooks being in Japan, one in Europe and the other in the USA. It isn’t long before the US and European books end up in Japan which begins a fast and deadly game of cat and mouse between the police and the new Kira. So I mentioned there were flaws but before I get to them, let’s talk about what is good about it.

First off, the story itself is pretty good and solid in pieces however at times it tries to be too smart for its own good and ultimately ends up being a tad confusing in places. Early on in the movie it doesn’t affect the pacing too much but towards the end, it can leave you scratching your head wondering what’s going on. The actors give fairly solid performances as well with some actors from the past movies making a show in this new outing. And they even manage to squeeze in Tatsuya Fujiwara, the original Light Yagami into the film as well. Cinematography is great as are the special effects and CGI which leads to the Death Gods themselves.


We see a couple of new characters with Beppo, Arma and everyone’s favourite shinigami, Ryuk making an appearance. Beppo is awesome and looks amazing and I still can’t tell if he was real or just CGI. Ryuk’s animation is oh so silky smooth and he’s never looked better. But the real stand out would have to be Arma, a female shinigami dressed in beautiful white robes with elegant, spindly fingers who loves eating grapes just like Ryuk has a fetish for apples. The costume design and makeup are absolute standouts and I found myself wanting her to come back on the screen, she’s so amazing looking.


Now for the negatives, in the original series, L’s successor was Near who lived all the way through to the stunning climax of the story. So in this movie, there’s mention of Near whatsoever. At all. At any time. It’s like they never existed. Granted it’s been ten years but Near was a child meaning that unless they met an untimely demise, they should still be around. That’s one point, the other being that the successor in this movie is called Ryuzaki just as in the series. Why does he have the same alias? Surely it would make sense use a completely different name to separate both characters from different timelines. I’m guess the writers probably went for continuity but it reeks a little of lack of originality. Misa Amane is back in but for the small part she played, it was hardly worth it and almost seems like they just added her just for the fans.

But probably the biggest issue I have with the film is this new L himself. While the original L was an absolute genius, had an incredibly sharp mind, an aura of mystery and eccentricity, even the way his wardrobe suggested that he was more focused on solving mysteries than appearances. This new L doesn’t come across like possessing any of those qualities at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. He’s almost like that friend that most people have that tries to be funny and does have their occasional moment but for the most part they fall flat. The original L when he solved problems, you could see how he got there. L version 2 shows up at the Task Force HQ advising he’s made a breakthrough in the case and we as viewers have no idea how he got there. It’s disappointing considering how L was portrayed as a prodigy while the new one comes across as a bit wacky and mildly amusing.


The movie overall does have drama, tension and areas of suspense and as I said at the very start, it’s watchable. Someone new to Death Note will probably like it more and not see the obvious flaws but for people familiar with the source material, this new film might leave them feeling a bit empty. And to be honest, it is great to have a movie ten years after it was all finished. I honestly thought I’d never see Ryuk on screen again and to have 3 shinigami on screen is awesome. With all these types of movies, before you know it the run will end so get along to it before it ends.

Final score: 7/10

Ryuk Shows Up In New Clip For Death Note Light up the NEW world

There’s so much buzz and excitement around the forthcoming new Death Note movie, Death Note Light up the NEW world that I just had to go looking for some new footage and came across this.

It shows shinigami Ryuk with actor Masaki Suda who plays the character Yuuki Shien in the movie as one of the antagonists.

In the film, Yuuki’s family has been murdered leaving him to seek retribution with Ryuk and one of the Death Notes. The film opens soon in Japan on October 29 so if you’re in town, run along to see it!

Death Note Manga Sees A 2,400 Page Release

The Death Note series has been on a roll lately with the upcoming Death Note movie generating quite a bit of buzz of late. The Death Note manga has now been collected into one massive compendium consisting of 2,400 pages. And it’s also a hefty 8cm in thickness which is quite a challenge to carry around with you but if you’re a collector, then why not?

It goes on sale in Japan on October 4, 2016 and will retail for ¥2, 500.

Namie Amuro Track Features In New Light up the NEW World Trailer

Seems like every other day there’s a new trailer for “Death Note Light up the NEW world” but this new trailer does also show off the theme track from J-Pop songstress, Namie Amuro and it also features new footage not seen before. I really hope this film receives a distribution in Australia. No doubt it’ll be an extremely limited release and there may be only one screening but I really want to see this, it’s looking amazing!

Good & Evil Show In “Death Note: Light Up the NEW World” Poster

Remember how I posted recently about the latest trailer for “Death Note: Light Up the NEW World”?

Today we see that a new poster has launched which perfectly illustrates the forces of good and evil and how they square off against each other.

Death Note-Light Up the NEW World

It’ll be interesting to see this movie as the events take place ten years after what went down in the last live action movies. This new film will serve as a direct sequel to those movies as well. Both L and Light Yagami have new successors in the film while the plot sees 6 (!) Death Notes in the land of the living. The film will no doubt do good business in Japan being that it launches around the popular holiday Halloween time on October 29, 2016.


New Death Note Light Up The New World Trailer

Seems to be a time for big movie announcements in Japan at the moment. Here’s another one with the latest trailer hitting the interwebs for the new Death Note movie, Death Note: Light Up The NEW World. Seems to be quite action packed with a lot going in the trailer. See if you can spot some of the nods to the original series, they’re only there for a few seconds but keen eyes should be able to spot them.

The film hits up Japan in October, 2016.

Death Note Light Up The New World Video Teaser

Remember just the other day I wrote about the teaser poster for the new sequel Death Note live action movie? Good things come to those that wait as today we’re graced with a video teaser trailer. It’s only 30 seconds long but it shows that there isn’t just one Death Note in the human world but six! Everyone’s favourite shinigami, Ryuk, also shows up in the trailer. Even more interesting is ex-AKB48 member, Rina Kawaei, stars as Sakura Aoi.

Rina Kawaei

She’s being described as being “a mass murderer with no ideological background.” Very interesting.

Advance tickets will go on sale to the general public on April 29th with a bonus “Sensu Death” (folding fan) ahead of the October 29th release of the movie in Japanese theatres.