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Deep Down Trailer For PS4 Launch

Capcom have joined in the Sony celebrations following the Japan launch of the PS4 just over 24 hours ago. Deep Down, the forthcoming free to play PS4 title from Capcom, has seen a new trailer released for it to coincide with the launch.

It’s a only a short one at one minute long but this game is shaping up nicely and looked fantastic at last year’s Tokyo Game Show.

TGS ’13: Deep Down screenshots

Ahead of the game’s first look next week at Tokyo Game Show where it’ll be playable for the first time, Capcom Online Games have released a handful of new images for their upcoming PS4 RPG, Deep Down. We already know that the game will be based in the future and time wise, it’ll be set in 2094.

[AFG_gallery id=’323′]

More next week when we get a chance to have a closer look at this game at TGS.

TGS 2013: Deep Down for PS4

Tokyo Game Show, or TGS, is around the cover in mid September and the first tidbits of information have started to trickle through. First up we have news os an upcoming title for the Playstation 4 which will make its debut at TGS.

The game is called Deep Down and is being developed by Capcom Online Games. Deep Down is an online RPG and is also being called a “memory reading RPG” with dungeons playing a large part of the adventure. Have a look at the first trailer below or for more information, hit up the official site.