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Sora Lands In World Of Final Fantasy

In a move that will please many a Kingdom Hearts fan, Square Enix have announced that beloved character, Sora, will be making an appearance in World Of Final Fantasy via a special DLC that will be coming to Japan on January 12th, 2017.


The Champion Summon: Sora will be up for grabs until March 31st and while there hasn’t been an announcement outside of Japan, we’re quietly confident it’ll be out before too long.

English Trailer For Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f

With the upcoming English PS Vita release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, Sega have released an English version of the game trailer just recently.


As well as confirming that the game is launching in March, they also let the public know that the DLC consisting of Snow Miku, extra songs and characters, will also be available at launch but as yet no pricing has been announced.

Trailer For Attack On Titan 3DS DLC

Here’s a look at the DLC for the anime turned 3DS game, Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind. Even better the DLC contains new content that allows the player to take control of Sahsa and Levi.


The download with Levi is free of charge until January 30th, 2014 while the DLC for Sasha doesn’t have an end date for the period as yet. And in keeping with the theme of Levi celebrating his birthday the other day, developer Spike Chunsoft have released a new trailer showing both Levi and Sasha in a fight with a female Titan.

New trailer showing Phoenix Wright cutscenes

Owner of US 3DS units will be in for a treat with the news that a demo for a highly anticipated title has just hit the eShop. That game in question is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies.

Even better is the news of Capcom releasing a special trailer, seen below, which is a special of sort, showing off the Phoenix Wright cutscenes.

When the game hits both Europe and the US, Capcom will also make available special DLC costumes for Apollo, Phoenix and Athena on October 24th. The pack will be free until November 7th after which there’ll be a fee of 99 cents. Regarding the new case for download,  “Turnabout Reclaimed”, more details will follow not too long after the game launches.

News on new Soul Sacrifice DLC

Some pretty cool news coming out of Japan regarding new DLC for PS Vita game, Soul Sacrifice. Soul Sacrifice will be having a cross-over with another fantasy title, Phantasy Star Online 2.

The cross-over has been confirmed by both Sony and Sega and will consist of PSO costumes being made available as free DLC for your Soul Sacrifice characters.

Here’s a look at what you can expect. Pretty cool we think!


Japan to receive Final Fantasy DLC in July

Fans of Final Fantasy in Japan are about to receive some sweet DLC swag for Final Fantasy XIII-2 come this July. One of them is the Ultimate Hits version which will set gamers back ¥2,940 which is a steal while the other one is a repack of the past DLC in one convenient place.

ffxiii-2 dlc

The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Collection is jam packed with goodness coming loaded with costumes, weapons, Colosseum enemies plus some bonus episodes all for the packaged price of ¥5,040. If you already have the game in Japan, then you’ll have access to the Additional Content Selection which is on both Xbox Live and PSN for 1360 MS Points or ¥2,100.

The full list of contents can be seen below, it’s got everything packed in.

Colosseum Opponents


Lightning and Lieutenant Amodar

Jihl Nabaat

Ultros and Typhon





Sera: Summoner’s Garb, Beachwear, White Mage

Noel: Battle Attire, Spacetime Guardian, Black Mage

Mog: A Wondrous Wardrobe Costume Pack



Sera: Genji Bow

Noel: Catastrophe Blade, Muramasa



Sazh: Heads or Tails?

Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess

Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

On top of that, the Ultimate Hits version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be made available for download 2000 MS Points or ¥2,940.

Super Robot Taisen UX Receives DLC Trailer

SRPG title for the Nintendo 3DS, Super Robot Taisen UX, has received a new trailer outlining the DLC additions that you can pick up for the title. The new DLC released last month includes challenge rule sets which once completed rewards the player as well as featuring new campaigns to complete.

As far as which characters feature in the game, the list is below.

Fafner in the Azure
Fafner in the Azure: Heaven and Earth
Heroman (new)
Juusou Kikou Dancouga Nova
Linebarrels of Iron
Macross Frontier the Movie: The Wings of Goodbye
Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime
Mazinkaiser SKL
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movvie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
Ninja Senshi Tobikage
SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors
The Wings of Rean
Virtual-On series Featuring Fei-Yen HD

One Piece: Pirate Warrior 2 DLC News

Fresh on the heels of the release of One Piece: Pirate Warrior 2 for the PS3 and the PS Vita today in Japan, V Jump has lifted the lid on some of the DLC that’s available now for the brawling action game.

Luffy and Zoro will have outfits ready for them inspired by the recent movie, Film Z, while the ladies aren’t being left out. Robin and Nami will be able to join the likes of Perona and Hancock by sporting outfits from the Dynasty Warriors series.

On top of these news, Namco Bandai have gone and posted a whole slew of gameplay videos which you can catch below, the videos feature Zoro, the admirals, Garp and Frankie.