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Dragon Quest X Has Over 400,000 Subscribers

Some amazing figures coming out of Japan from Square Enix around their hugely popular, Dragon Quest X, for the Nintendo Wii. The game is subscription based much like World of Warcraft is and as of October has sold 568,000 units of the game. From those copies sold, 400,000 gamers are paying the ¥1,000 monthly fee to take the game further and play online.

Back in September, the game had 300,000 paying subscribers and keep in mind that Final Fantasy XI took approximately 18 months to reach the same number of gamers paying the monthly fee.

But it doesn’t stop there for Square Enix, next up for Dragon Quest X is the Nintendo Wii U.

Wii U Dragon Quest Will Be Demonstrated At Tokyo Game Show

We’ve known that Square Enix plan on presenting Dragon Quest information for the Wii U at Tokyo Game Show, we hear today that along with the info, there will be a demonstration to occur on stage as well. The stage event will be called “Dragon Quest X Wii U Demonstration Stage,” which will be presented by DQX producer Yousuke Saito.

We won’t hold our breaths for a playable demo though, there will be no playable demo for the audience to try out which is a shame. This was actually specified by Square Enix themselves. There will also be a “developers special talk” with director Jin Fujisawa along with Producer, Saito where they will discuss the update due for October.

Other DQ related events are a Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D tournament and a Dragon Quest X photo contest.

Dragon Quest X Will Carry Subscription Fee

When news broke recently of Dragon Quest X being an online only MMORPG, one of the questions on the lips of many gamers was, “Will I have to pay to play it?” Well, unfortunately I can reply to the affirmative that the game will carry a fee if you wish to continue playing past the first few initial hours. The publisher, Sqiare Enix, has not mentioned what that figure may be as it’s still far too early to tell. But at least we know, well in advance, so give the news time to sink in 🙁 Come release day, we won’t remember what the fuss was all about 🙂

Dragon Quest X To Appear On Wii & Wii U

Square Enix recently wrapped up their press conference, transcript can be found here, where they finally confirmed that Dragon Quest X is indeed in the works and will be releasing some point in 2012. For a difference, the game will be developed internally by SE as opposed to handing it off to a 3rd party developer like Chunsoft or Level-5 which has happened before. They also revealed that Yuji Hori, Koichi Sugiyama and Akira Toriyama will be returning and reprising their roles as designer, composer and character designer. While the game had been announced as being developed a while ago, before the DS version released in fact, another bit of news they announced is that there will be version for the next generation console, the Wii U. Dragon Quest X will be an online RPG with players able to make their own teams with other players where they’ll all ber able to see each other in the online world.

DQX will also see some compatibility with the 3DS although how exactly it will be used wasn’t revealed but game designer, Yuji Hori, hinted that you may be able to download your character to the 3DS to be used with the exchange of data during Spot Pass. In closing the press conference, Hori mentioned that while the game is due for 2012, some players may get invited to a beta test by Square Enix. Information on this will be announced shortly.