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Your Name Tops The Blu Ray/DVD Charts In Japan

No surprise to hear that one of the most stunning animated film’s to ever grace the silver screen, Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name, is enjoying massive success upon its home release on both DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan. The DVD release is enjoying topping the charts overall for it’s second consecutive week.

Here’s a breakdown of the releases and how they’re doing in the sales chart:

  • Blu-ray collector’s edition 4K Ultra HD – 126,000 units/6,000 units (132,000 units)
  • Blu-ray special edition – 94,000 units/7,000 units (101,000 units)
  • Blu-ray standard edition – 202,000 units/25,000 units (227,000 units)
  • DVD standard edition – 216,000 units/39,000 units (255,000 units)

The first group of numbers are first week sales while the second week are the second set of numbers. We can’t wait for the home release of Your Name in Australia and we do know that Madman will be releasing it before the end of the year. I just hope there’s a Collector’s Edition because I’ll snap that one up for sure! In case you haven’t seen it, here’s what we thought of it.

One Piece Film Z readies up for Japanese home release

One Piece does huge business in Japan with the show recently racking up episode number 600 with no signs of slowing down. During the airing of the 600th episode, viewers were treated to a surprise with the announcement of One Piece Film Z getting ready for home release on both DVD and Blu-ray.


The home release will be available in both regular and limited versions and will be able to be purchased from June 28th. The trailer that ran during the 600th show can be seen below along with some of the freebies that come bundled with the limited edition.

one piece dvd freebies

Battle of Gods sees Japanese home release

Dragon Ball fans waiting for the home release of the latest cinema release, Battle of the Gods, need wait just a little bit more. September to be exact.


An online retailer recently listed the home release for the movie on DVD and Blu-ray. If you’re looking to import the movie, the dates of release are below. Don’t forget, it’s due out September 13.

  • BD Limited edition: ¥9,240
  • DVD Limited Edition: ¥8,190
  • Blu-ray Regular Edition: ¥5,040
  • DVD Regular Edition: ¥3,990

Evangelion 3.33 Receives Home Release

Japan is only a few days away from the release of Evangelion 3.33 on April 24 for the home market on DVD and Blu Ray. The Blu Ray edition will set you back ¥6,090 while the DVD will cost ¥5,985.


No matter which edition you have your eye on, neither comes with English subtitles although a cool addition is the tokusatsu, ‘God Warrior Attacks Tokyo, which is actually an homage to the works from Studio Ghibli. The disc does come with Linear PCM 5.1 and Linear PCM 2.0 tracks with Japanese subtitles for beefy sounds.

If you’re lucky enough to purchase a first edition of the movie, you’ll be getting the OST which includes the theme track while the standard releases will ship with a box and a booklet. Included on the movie disc are the Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33 film, previews, a script, TV CM’s and a trailer

Evangelion Speed Dating Event For DVD Release

Evangelion 3.33 is about to hit home DVD and Blu Ray in Japan and to coincide with the launch on April 24, there’ll be a speed dating event which you can take part in if you’re over the age of 20.

evangelion dating 1

The event will be co-ordinated by Linkbal where they’ll be holding Evangelion Connection spots in Tokyo, Osaka and Harajuku before holding one in Shibuya on May 4th. It’s being called Eva Con where people with similar interests (Evangelion) can be paired together in their chance to find love.

evangelion dating 2

The cost to take part in this event is ¥4,950, it’s the same price regardless of gender, where usually women get charged less.

Comiket 83 New Anime Flyers

Comiket 83, or Comic Market, was recently held in Japan during December 29, 30 and 31 which saw huge numbers attend the exhibition to see the latest anime coming out and what exactly will be hitting our screens in 2013. Crunchyroll recently posted a gallery of flyers they had collected from the cosplayers who were handing them out to the lucky public.

The handouts vary from stickers, post cards, posters and also a free DVD featuring sneak peeks at the upcoming anime’s. Below you can see the gallery of some of the handouts during Comiket 83 which shows you the upcoming shows for the year.

[AFG_gallery id=’186′]

K-On! Movie Extras Revealed For DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Fans of the anime K-On! and the movie will be pleased with awaits them when they purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the movie to take home.

The Limited Edition of the DVD will contain cords for a song played during the movie, a mini production booklet, 5 kinds of the appreciation tickets (small size), a 5 piece bromide set and lastly a three sided box. You also get commentaries from the producers, the staff and the cast.

Both disc versions also come with;

  • Yamada Naoko in London (location/scenario scouting)
  • Tanaka Minami’s dubbing report (additional feature of the recording sessions)
  • A backstage feature of Ho-kago Tea Time in Universal Studios Japan
  • A Houkago Tea Time in TBS press conference
  • A special program K-ON! the Movie Navigational Program
  • Music Recording
  • Stage Greetings on Opening Day
  • Creditless Opening and Ending Sequences
  • Pre-movie bit about manners
  • TV commercials, previews and trailers

If this sounds like your bag, then head on over to CD Japan who are taking pre-orders now so make sure you don’t miss out.

Sneak Peek: Resident Evil Revelations Bonus DVD

One of the most eagerly awaited games for the 3DS would have to be the portable entry in the survival horror franchise, Resident Evil Revelations. Exciting news today with Capcom announcing that they will be packaging a bonus DVD with the game and below you’ll get your first look at what will be contained.

The DVD is called the “Revelations Report” which will contain over 40 minutes of unseen footage divided into four sections. The sections are: the Official Trailer Collection, Development Team Interviews, Edge Artists Meet Biohazard Revelations and Jessica’s Report.

Title Menu & the Jacket Sleeve

[AFG_gallery id=’29’]


Jessica’s Report

Jessica is a brand new character into the RE franchise and this little bonus is a featurette giving a small back story.

[AFG_gallery id=’30’]


Interviews with the Development Team

[AFG_gallery id=’31’]


Edge Artsits Meet Resident Evil Revelation

This video feature revolves around KenKen from rock band Rize and talent Kyarypamyupamyu who both give their reviews of the game and share some of their techniques which helped them through the game.

[AFG_gallery id=’32’]

Makoto Shinkai Goes To Blu Ray

Lucky Otakon ’11 attendees may have seen the latest offering from Makoto Shinkai, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, but for the rest of us mere mortals it’s not all gloom and despair. News today that the feature looks set to be released onto DVD and Blu Ray in Japan. Fandom Post has reported that the feature film will be released on November 25th and will be shipping with English subtitles. Prices have been announced with the limited edition setting you back ¥8715 and the standard edition, ¥5775.

Blu Ray and DVD specs below:

Blu-ray Specs:

LE Specs: 2 discs, 116min. Japanese, English, and Chinese subtitles. DTS-HD MA 5.1ch and LPCM stereo.

Special features:

  • On the main disc (included in the regular edition as well): trailers, interview with the cast and the director (short ver.), director Shinkai filmography, Audio commentary
  • On the special features disc: Interview with the cast and the director (long ver.), Making documentary, “Hello Goodbye & Hello” PV.
  • Bonus material: Film strip, test comic book (as well as interview with the director and mangakas), all color image board collection, booklet


DVD Specs:

Includes a booklet.

Special Features:

  • Teaser
  • Trailer
  • TV spot
  • Interview with the director and the cast
  • Filmography of Makoto Shinkai’s works

And now a trailer…