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Wait… Pikachu Can Speak ENGLISH??

Pokemon fans across the United States have taken to Twitter voicing their opinions on Pikachu’s unforseen monologue during the new Pokemon: I Choose You movie.

Global News Director at Buzzfeed shared a video which perfectly captures (excuse the pun) the disgust and confusion we’re sure you’ll all feel when you first hear it too:



Weird right?

This isn’t the first time that Pikachu has spoken however. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity trailer features not only a talking Pikachu, but other Pokemon as well:



In fact, there’s even a game for the Nintendo 3DS known as Detective Pikachu that was released in February of 2016 in Japan, which has you taking the role of a smooth-talking Pikachu that solves mysteries. (Sadly this title is only available in Japan on the eShop, which is a mystery in itself. WHY HAVE YOU NOT LOCALIZED IT YET, NINTENDO??)



Despite all that, I think we can all agree how bizarre it is for Pikachu to talk. Part of Pikachu’s charm is that we can’t understand him, and that it’s up to interpretation how he may feel.
Although, many Twitter users have come out to say that Pikachu isn’t actually talking – it’s more of an emotional connection between Ash and Pikachu that allows them to understand each other.

I still think it’s weird.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! has already debuted in Australia and New Zealand with no confirmation of it returning for a second showing – however we’ll be sure to update you if we hear anything!

Japanese Fans Voice Opinions To Tiger & Bunny English Dub

Tiger & Bunny is a show that has built a loyal fanbase since premiering in Japan and airing on a weekly basis. The other day, on April 20th, the very first episode aired again but with a difference. It had Japanese subtitles and English voices dubbed over it. This aired on the Bandai channel and at least 5000 tuned in to watch it.

The show in this new format will continue to be aired on a weekly schedule while at the conclusion of each show, there will be a short features explaining some of the behind the scenes action and how the voices are dubbed.

Some of the fans reactions can be seen below.

“English really matches the American comic style of the art”

“It’s not as hard to understand it! Maybe because I already memorized the Japanese script”

“I want to learn English with Tiger & Bunny

“I can see that they paid extra attention to preserve the feel of Japanese original script and I really appreciate it”

“Noth American version is really cool, but I still feel it’s different”

tiger-bunny 1

“Kotestu is speaking English!!”

“They could have kept the conversation between Kotesu and Kaede in Japanese and have English subtitles since they are supposed to be Japanese”

“Kotesu’s voice sounds little too high”

“Just because he is speaking in English, Kotesu sounds smarter”

“I was hoping to hear Johnny Depp’s voice (since Hirata Hiroaki, the voice of Kotetsu, does voice over of Depp)

tiger-bunny 2

English Trailer For The Last Story (Wii)

Mistwalker and Nintendo finally have an English localised trailer for massive RPG, The Last Story. The trailer below has English accents throughout it as the localisation was handled by Nintendo of Europe who also did Xenoblade Chronicles.


Give the trailer look if you haven’t yet, it’s absolutely stunning. Look out for the game on February 24 and pick up the Limited Edition which will be shipping with soundtrack CD and an art book encased in a gorgeous steel casing.

NeverDead TGS Trailer In English

I posted the NeverDead trailer a while back now but because of all the hype around TGS and the excellent reception the game received, the trailer has been re-released in English so a larger audience can enjoy it. If you’ve already seen it in Japanese, watch it again for two reasons. 1, you can now understand what’s going on, and 2, it’s just that good and deserves to be seen 🙂