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3D Shinobi inbound for 3DS

Retro fans will love the next title coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It would appear the next title to be receiving the 3D treatment is the ninja classic from Sega, Shinobi III.


The game will be receiving the title 3DS Shinobi III and while it hasn’t been set in cement, fansite Nintendo Everything, caught a glimpse of the via a PEGI rating update.


We’ll keep you posted on the progress of this one.


2nd demo for Project X Zone in July

Project X Zone has only had its first demo released onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop 48 hours ago and now there are talks of a second demo which will be touching down soon.


The first demo was titled “Lethal Surprise” and included characters from Space Channel 5, Valkyria Chronicles, Street Fighter, Sakura Wars and a few more. The new 2nd demo will be available from June 27 called “Dark Hours” will be taking place in a Ghost ‘n Goblins environment.

The game will hit European streets on July 5th while North America will see the game on June 25th however Namco Bandai haven’t said anything about when the two demos will be available in North America.

Altered Beast charges onto Japanese 3DS

Great news for fans of Sega nostalgia with the announcement that crowd favourite, Altered Beast, will be hitting the Japanese eShop on the Nintendo 3DS next week.

altered-beast wp

The game originally roared onto the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and arcades back in 1988 and is an addition to Sega’s 3D enhanced games collection. The game will come with some news features such as the newly added 3D, the ability to map your own buttons with different functions, being able to change between the Japanese version of the game of the International and a tube TV display mode.

Altered Beast will set you back ¥600 and also includes a multiplayer mode on local co-op if both players own the game, which is being called the “whimsical transformation” mode, no explanation has been provided as to what this means yet.

Project X Zone demo inbound

For those in Europe and hopefully Australia as well seeing as how we’re in the same 3DS region, there’ll be a demo coming out today for SRPG fighter, Project X Zone in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


No word yet as to which players will be selectable in the demo but make sure you download this even if you have only a passing interest in Sega, Capcom or Namco Bandai characters. Should be a fun time.

Guild 02 games coming to 3DS

Late last year saw prolific developer, Level-5, release the Guild 01 package of games to the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop. Those three games consisted of Crimson Shroud, Aero Porter and the sublime, Liberation Maiden.

News out of Japan is that they’re already putting the finishing touches on the Guild 02 batch of games with The Starship Damrey hitting the 3DS next week in North America. The game hits the States on May 16 while in Europe, they’ll see the game earlier on May 9.

[AFG_gallery id=’264′]

The game is billed as a suspense horror thriller game, coming from Kazuya Asano and Takemaru Abiko, responsible for The Night of the Sickle WeaselYou, as the player, wake up on the title ship with a bout of amnesia and therefore have to do the obligatory search and work out what exactly is going on. The game description has the ominous statement, discover why nothing is more frightening than complete innocence.”

Trailer For Level-5’s Youkai Watch

Level-5 will have a new game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS on the 11th of July in Japan. Youkai Watch, or Ghost Watch, will be released for retail purchase and via the eShop if you’re a fan of the digital download.

In the game, you’ll have the option of selecting either a boy or girl to represent you in the game. The boy is named Keeta while the girl is known as Fumi, they’ll both fight against ghosts and collect them. Sounds a bit like Pokemon, yes? The Youkai Watch in the game will allow you to utilise it allowing you to meet other ghosts in the game. It’s such a beautiful looking game with the usual Level-5 flair, the visuals are extremely fluid and a joy to watch.

Sounds like a unique and interesting game, as yet there is no Western release but fingers crossed it graces our fair shores.

Super Mario AR Cards Details

Nintendo held one of their popular Nintendo Direct broadcasts yesterday during which they showed the new Super Mario AR cards that’ll be available soon. The prepaid cards will be hitting Japan on April 23rd with no confirmation of other regions as yet.


The card will differ in value ranging from ¥1000, ¥2000 and ¥3000 with different characters available on the cards. The software that you’ll need to interact with these cards, called  “Isshoni Photo” which translates as “take a picture together”, will be made for download from the eShop using a QR code that will come packages with the card. The big difference between these AR cards and the ones that ship with your 3DS is that these cards will allow the characters to interact with each other as well as give you the ability to take these characters to different locations with you. You’ll also be able to recreate familiar in-game animations from the Mario Universe.

Walkthrough video of how it’ll work, looks pretty cool!

The three characters available at launch will be  Goomba, Mario and Princess Peach with Koopa Troopa, Luigi and Bowser confirmed as coming later on at the same price system as the first three. No date when they’ll be released though as yet.

Wii Street U Hits Japan

Why use your computer to take a virtual stroll around Japan or any other part of the world for that matter? Well, now those lucky Wii U owners in Japan can add that functionality to their Wii U Gamepad. Launching a couple of days ago via the eShop, the Gamepad can be used to look around the environment while a whole bunch of mapping information is displayed on-screen.

wii street u

There’s a video below where you can see it in action and as yet, there’s no word as to whether this will be released outside of Japan. If you are in Japan however, the app can be downloaded from the Wii U eShop for free until the end of May.

Two Retail Games Go Digital For Japan Eshop

Japan will soon see its two first 3rd party games to make a digital appearance for download on the Nintebdo 3DS eShop. That honour will go to Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd and AKB48+Me. The games will be making their appearance on October 25th with AKB48+Me also appearing on store shelves. Samurai Warriors is already on store shelves releasing back on September 13.

You’ll want to make sure you have some space on your memory card or lash out for a larger one as Samurai Warriors is reportedly 1.75GB in size. Another point of interest is that this game will cost you ¥6,090 at retail while the download version will cost ¥5,400. This is actually the the first game that is cheaper as a download version as opposed to the physical copy.

Tecmo Koei have also announced that there will be a downloadable patch on October 16 which will fix some bugs and also add a new easy mode to the game.

A Closer Look At Liberation Maiden (3DS)

We recently covered the releases of the Guild 01 games for the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop, where 3 of the 4 games that were released in Japan will be released over the next few months. Today we have a closer look at Liberation Maiden, courtesy of Level-5 and Suda51.

Below you’ll find a an extended clip of footage and gameplay from Liberation in English, just in case you’re undecided about purchasing this worthy title. It really is a fantastic game with tons of action happening all at once, yet the game plays at an incredible smooth frame rate. You really can’t go wrong with this title, give it a look.