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Demo Inbound For Etrian Odyssey IV

Japanese 3DS owners are in for a treat soon with the announcement that developer Atlus, is planning on bringing a demo for Etrian Odyssey IV for the 3DS eShop. In a nice touch, the data from the demo will be able to be used in the retail version of the game. The information was found […]

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Etrian Odyssey IV Trailer

Ever the crafty Japanese publication, Famitsu have managed to get their hands on the second trailer for Etrian Odyssey IV which is bound for the 3DS. Have a look below, it’s shaping up quite nicely and yet another strong title for the 3DS’s arsenal of quality games.


Site Opens For Etrian Odyssey IV

Mentioned at the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast was an exquisite looking game for the 3DS called Etrian Odyssey IV, well today the game’s official site opened today, courtesy of developer Atlus, as well as the launch of a development blog for the title. In the site you can check out system, character and introduction sections, […]