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Eunjung Will Perform At Lovey Dovey Promotion, Possibly

I reported yesterday about Eunjung injuring a ligament in her ankle on the eve of a series of T-ara promotional performances and putting the whole event in jeopardy, today I can report that she will definitely be taking part and the show will go on…if she has her way that is.


Her doctors still haven’t made up their minds but Eunjung has said that she will be taking to the stage with painkillers and a cast if she has to.

T-ara already has their newest track racing up the charts and their official 20 minute MV or Music Video has garnered almost 2 million hits in two day on video sharing site, Youtube. For those that have missed it, the 20 minute spectacle is below.

T-ara Lovey Dovey Promotions Go Ahead Despite Injury

Eunjung from K-Pop group, T-ara, recently suffered an injury to her ankle but despite this setback, she has no plans to let this affect T-ara’s comeback plans.

The management agency that handles T-ARA had the following statement prepared, “Eunjung will be taking to the stage (with her ankle) wrapped in a partial cast. The doctors hope that she can rest quietly, but she is determined to stand on the comeback stage.”

To overcome this, Eunjung has been taking analgesic shots and been applying a hot compress to the affected area. Her management agency has been consulting with the doctors looking after her and have assured them that with this particular type of injury, athletes usually end up competing following the analgesic injections.

Either way, she will be under close observation up until the day before the performance to make sure that she is fit to perform.

T-ara – Lovey Dovey