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Cosplayer Of The Month September 2016: CelestiialMoon

So I missed my monthly Cosplayer Of The Month segment…apologies ūüôĀ But it’s back with a brand new cosplayer from the US that I recently discovered. Welcome CelestiialMoon to the monthly pages of COTM! She’s someone I found on Instagram and realised that she had pretty much cosplayed all my favourite characters. From Sucker Punch’s Baby Doll, Kantai Collection’s Shimakaze, my deadset fave from Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Langley, Misty from Pokemon and so many more!

The pics below are just a sample of her amazing work and I’ve included links to her IG account and Facebook page below the gallery!

Links for more of her awesome work:

Instagram: Celestial Suicide

Facebook: CelestiialMoon

Evangelion x Transformers Optimus Prime Figure Receives Pre-Order Listing

Here’s a great looking figure that manages to combine two of the biggest franchises with the largest fan base. Evangelion and Transformers. June 12 marks the day that pre-orders start for this amazing looking¬†Takara Tomy Transformer /¬†Evangelion Masterpiece Optimus Prime EVA Mode.

There will only be 1000 models available which explains why the price is over $300 for this baby.

Japanese Prime Minister Checks Out The Evangelion & Japanese Swords Exhibition

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe,¬†is a very busy person of late. He’s been on a European tour lately going to¬†Germany, UK, Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium. While he was in the area, he went past Paris to take a look at the¬†¬†“Evangelion and Japanese Swords”¬†exhibition which is taking place at the¬†Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris.

evangelion sword expo

The exhibition showcases different Japanese swords inspired by the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Prime Minister had the following to say about the event.

“Anime is very popular in France. Utilizing Japan’s strengths will help the growing of the economy. A collaboration between a modern anime and a traditional swordsmanship is one of the new ways to promote ‘Cool Japan’ to the world.”

prime minister abe eva

Evangelion Bus Launches In Japan

So you want to travel around Tokyo but you know, with that little extra flair? How about catching one of these amazing looking Evangelion buses that have made a comeback after originally appearing back in 2012 around the Hakone region. Hakone is the basis for the Tokyo-3 area seen in the series.

This snazzy new bus shows off Kaworu, Asuka, Shinji, Rei and Mari wearing stylish yukatas while the inside of the bus sees similar decorations on the ticket machine, windows and the luggage compartments.

Evangelion X Transformers Crossover Hinted

Just a quick snippet of a crossover tease hinted at that will have a lot of fanboys tongues wagging. A hobby magazine in Japan recently hinted at a possible collaboration crossover involving 2 massive franchises: Transformers and Evangelion.

eva transformers

Looks like an EVA coloured Optimus Prime might be in the works. I’m not a model collector at all but I would definitely be getting my mitts on this!

Sony Evangelion Walkman Update

We featured a piece on Sony releasing Evangelion branded walkmans a while back, today we give you an update on this exciting release with more information and specifications.

They release on April 24th and will be available in 3 different from the¬†Android WALKMAN F series “NW-F887 (64GB).

eva walkman 1

Here are the 3 different flavours which will be available at launch:

NW-F887/EVA1 Р¥43,000
This version features one of three Rebuild of Evangelion soundtrack albums installed

NW-F887/EVA3 Р¥51,000
All three album are installed

NW-F887/EVA3 with special earphone Р¥87,000
The Hi-Res audio compatible inner ear receiver “XBA-H3” is also included

You can even select the rear image for the walkman to be based on the same one that Shinji uses on his DAT player in the series.

eva walkman 2

The players support¬†FLAC, HE-AAC support and, like the E series, plays¬†MP3, WMA, L-PCM, and AAC format audio. There’s also the option to integrate it with Sony’s¬†Music Unlimited service.

Evangelion Walkman From Sony

Proving that once again, Japan is the home of crossovers and collaborations, word has trickled out that Sony is teaming up with Evangelion to produce a unique walkman. Details are scant but there is a page on the Sony site (here it is), that outlines some loose details about pre-orders starting next month for the Evangelion branded walkman.

shinji walkman

The walkman is part of the F-series and will be able to playback¬†MP3, WMA, L-PCM, AAC format audio as well as adding,¬†FLAC and HE-AAC support. I haven’t even seen it and I want one!

Sanrio x Evangelion Update

We reported a while ago that Sanrio from Hello Kitty fame was teaming up with cult classic anime, Evangelion and producing some interesting products. Oh, did we mention that they’re extremely kawaii as well?

eva sanrio t

The new line of smartphone cases will start to appear in stores in April 2014 and is part of the ‚ÄúEva Micro Macro”. T shirts have already previously been released as well.

eva sanrio

Next coming out, there will be Evangelion puzzles with adorable and cute characters.

eva sanrio p

eva sanrio 2

eva sanrio 1

The puzzles will be hitting the street in March 2014.