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Pokemon Evolutions Sun & Moon Commercial

And now it’s time for an absolutely endearing commercial for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Showing a young boy’s love and passion for Pokemon on the Gameboy and TCG though to life as a young man. But man, this commercial gives serious feels. And I’m seriously not wiping a tear away, you’re wiping a tear away…


Bishoujo Mech Mascot for Tokyo Game Show 2013 Announced

That single blessed event that brings a fat smile to Japandaman’s face is almost upon again. Tokyo Game Show is set to run in the hallowed halls of the Makuhari Messe between September 19 – 22, located in Chiba, Tokyo. This year, conveying the message of the ever evolving games industry, the character, She, as represented by Ippei Gyoubu will be the face of the event.

As you can see in the poster for the event below, it’s supposed to be representing the transformation into something unseen as yet.

TGS13 poster


Just to give you a refresher, here’s a look at some of the past year’s posters.

TGS12 poster


TGS11 poster


TGS10 poster

Dragon Ball Creator Says “Hollywood’s Dragon Ball Sucked”

Dragon Ball is a much loved anime and manga with thousands of followers around the world. And now on the cusp of the first Dragon Ball animated movie in over a decade, the creator or mangaka of the series, Akira Toriyama, has come forward to say what he thought of the Hollywood adaptation.

dragon ball evolution

To say he was less than impressed is doing it justice when what he had to say during a press interview about the upcoming movie was, “With the Hollywood live action version, the script didn’t contain much evidence of the distinctive Dragon Ball world, and wasn’t even that interesting, and despite me warning them and suggesting changes they were so sure of themselves that they ignored me.

What they came out with in the end was a movie I can’t really call on par with the usual Dragon Ball.”

Interestingly enough, prior to the release of the movie, he believed in “the super talent of the production staff and actors” and went one further to add, “thanks to their power this may become a major masterpiece!” Since then though, he’s been pretty reserved about it.

If you haven’t seen it as yet, here’s the Japanese trailer to entice you.