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Attack On Titan Console Game Receives Update

I was lucky enough to see some footage of the upcoming Attack on Titan game at Tokyo Game Show 2015 and it looked phenomenal. Now Japanese publication, Famitsu have provided fans with a juicy update in the latest issue. A couple of names have been added to the list of characters added to the game’s roster.

Famitsu AOT

Hanji and fan favourite, Levi will be making an appearance in the, hopefully in the near future more information on this update will be made available. Some video footage of Levi carving up a Titan would be fantastic!

Levi AOT game

The game will be hitting up the Playstation family (PS3, PS4, PS Vita), Winter 2015 in Japan while the West will be seeing it in 2016.

First Peek At Shining Resonance

Here’s another awesome RPG receiving a welcome media update, Shining Resonance for the Playstation 3. The information was recently uploaded online by Japanese publication, Famitsu. Here’s a story outline that was posted.

In an ancient continent, a land of God known as “Alfheim” exists.

A long time has passed since the dragons who were once powerful in this world perished. Its souls were crystallized and scattered about the world.

However, a dragon survived. And its name is “Kouryuu Irvan.” Seeking the power of the lost dragon, the Imperial Army and Church powers, and now a “Dragon Slayer” who intends to harm the dragon, have begun to stir.

The one who saved the dragon from their clutches was a single “young girl.” And before long, warriors known as “Dragon Instrumentalists” began to gather under the dragon. The dragon recalled a childhood memory of a “young girl” who saved him when he was injured. It was a reunion of fate.

A beautiful and painful story about the girl and the dragon will be told.

The game will be employing a real time battle system as well as having a dragon in your party which sounds awesome. The main protagonist is Kouryuu Irvan, a surviving shining dragon who becomes a target due to the power contained within it.

Shining-Resonance dragon

The kingdom of Astoria has a Sonia Blanche, a “lightning princess” who is leading a battle for the country’s revival.

Shining-Resonance sonia blanche

There isn’t a release date for the game yet as it’s still in development but we’ll keep you updated.

Nintendo 3DS Breaks Through 15 Million Mark In Japan

The mighty Nintendo 3DS has broken through a highly impressive barrier in Japan. Famitsu magazine is reporting that the handheld has sold through the 15 million mark in Japan.

3ds retro case 3

Measuring sales from January 26th, figures are at 15,037,116 handhelds sold across Japan. Sales were pushed along by the highest selling game on the 3DS which was Pokemon X/Y followed by Animal Crossing: New Leaf and then Monster Hunter 4.

And The Best Selling Top 10 Games In Japan For 2013 Were…?

Japanese publication, Famitsu, have just put up just which games managed to sell the best in Japan for 2013. I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo completely dominated and cleaned up the list.


In the top 10, Nintendo had 9 of the best selling games with the majority being on the 3DS, no surprise there. You can’t sell as many handhelds as they did and then not expect this kind of turnaround. The only game that stopped Nintendo from getting all the spots was Grand Theft Auto V which slipped into 8th spot.

  1. Pokemon X / Y – 3,976.829
  2. Monster Hunter 4 – 3,923,312
  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 1,730,182
  4. Friend Collection: New Life – 1,580,067
  5. Dragon Quest VII Remake – 1,227,377
  6. Puzzles and Dragons Z – 1,005,697
  7. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 982,737
  8. Grand Theft Auto V – 605,882
  9. New Super Mario Bros. U – 584,479 (including bundles)
  10. Wii Party U – 518,776 (including bundles)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Heads To PS Vita

Confirmation today that Corpse Party: Blood Drive has just been announced as coming to the PS Vita. This game follows the last entry, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows chapter 8, and picks up where the story left off. Famitsu magazine has recently posted that this next chapter will be coming sometime this year.

blood drive 1

This new entry revolves around the story around the Heavenly Host Elementary coming to an end as the curse becomes known and a lot unanswered questions won’t remain a mystery much longer. Sounds ominous and spooky, we’ll let you more about this title as it comes to light.

blood drive 2

Monster Hunter 4 Details Emerge

Japanese publication, Famitsu, have revealed some new information on the upcoming hunting game, Monster Hunter 4. There will be an exciting snake dragon called a Garara Ajara which uses its long body to ensnare and trap its victims. On top of that, it also has deadly venomous fangs so you’ll have your hands full when you come across it, be prepared.

monster hunter 4

There’ll be the introduction of a new monster which appears to be insect-like called Kunchuu. More of a worry though is that these monsters like to hunt in groups who have the ability to defend themselves by rolling into a ball. But on the good news front, the Yian Kut-Ku like to make a meal out of these new monsters.

famitsu monster hunter

The attacking capabilities of the sword have also received a revamp with the ability to do finishing hits, dashing attacks and whirling slashes. Looking at the Charge Axe, you’ll now be able to perform a horizontal finisher as well as having a finishing attack which converts it to sword mode. Just by attacking and using the sword, you’ll be able to charge up some sword energy which you can then unleash for charge attacks.

Look for it in Japan during the Summer

Famitsu Gives New Super Mario Bros U & Nintendo Land Top Score

Famitsu have begun the rounds or grading and reviewing the launch titles in Japan for the Wii U and already there are some standout games.


New Super Mario Bros. U has received glowing recommendations with four reviewers giving the game a nine meaning the launch title ended up with a possible 36 out of 40, high praise indeed.


Nintendo Land didn’t too shabby either receiving a nine from three reviewers while the other gave it an eight ending up with 35 out of 40.

Red 3DS XL Turns On The Charm In Japan

Famitsu recently ran a poll ahead of the launch of the 3DS XL to try to ascertain  what the public thought or were expecting about the revision to Nintendo’s runaway success handheld.

A large number of the respondents agreed that they would be picking up a 3DS XL at launch, the break down was that 29.4% said they would pick one up at some point after launch while 28.9% agreed that they would be early adopters and pick one up at launch. 24.3% said they had no interest in picking one up while 17.4% said they would wait until they had actually seen it before making up their minds.

Interestingly, 70% of the people who said they would get one at launch or at some point already own a 3DS.

The breakdown for most popular colour is as follows: the Red x Black variation is the most popular attracting 38.9% of the votes while White was next with 32.8% and bringing up the rear was Silver x Black with 28.3% popularity.

As far as pricing goes, 54.6% of people surveyed agreed that the price was right while shop owners that were part of the survey, a resounding 62.3% said the price was right on the money. Coming back to users, 27.4% said the price was too high compared with 24.5% of shop owners who also agreed that the price was maybe set a bit high.

Vita Exclusive Magazine Coming Soon

Japanese publisher, Enterbrain, responsible for Famitsu Weekly, have announced that they’re going to be releasing a PS Vita exclusive magazine.

Famitsu PS Vita will be hitting news stands next month, June 14, and will retail for ¥880. The eponymous first issue will contain a booklet focusing on Persona 4 The Golden, which is released on the same day. There will also be a code for Ragnarok Odyssey which will nab you an exclusive item and a soft pouch to protect your PS Vita.

At present we don’t know if it will be a monthly edition like their other publications or a special one off.

We’ll keep you posted on this one.

Japan’s Top Ten Wanted Games

Famitsu magazine in Japan has recently polled their readers to determine their most wanted games, the result of which are below. Quite a few Nintendo titles made it, five in fact, even though the top polled game was a PS3 title. The PS3 console saw four games make the cut.

The PS Vita had a look in as well with Persona 4: The Golden coming in fourth, hopefully this will be the start of some AAA titles for the struggling handheld.

Any surprises in the list, readers?

  1. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma
  2. [PS3] Resident Evil 6
  3. [Wii] Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online
  4. [PSV] Persona 4: The Golden
  5. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4
  6. [NDS] Pokemon Black & White 2
  7. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D
  8. [PS3] Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  9. [3DS] Animal Crossing: Jump Out
  10. [PS3] Tokyo Jungle