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Kyary releases info & new pics for 2nd album

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans, hold onto your hats as new information regarding her new album, information plus new pics have just been released.

The new full length album will be releasing on June 26 and will be titled “Nanda Kore Ku Shon” or Nanda Collection. The album will feature 12 tracks which have been produced and written by Yasutaka Nakata responsible for groups, capsule and Perfume, to name a couple. We also know that the album will include a couple of previously released tracks, namely “Fashion Monster” and “Invader, Invader”.

You can see the album art below which show Pamyu in a peacock attire with some beautiful colours in there as well. Jpopasia.com have released the following translation released by Kyary about her upcoming album launch.

kyary album art

My second album is finally being released! It would make me happy if you guys went ‘What in the world!?’ when you see the limited edition cover! This album has includes all sorts of genres, from the rock song ‘Fashion Monster’, to the alien sounds of ‘Invader Invader’, so please look forward to it! This definitely won’t be a disappointing album. I want everyone to listen to it.”

And here’s the tracklist for all you curious fans.

1. Nanda Collection (なんだこれくしょん)
2. Ninja Re Bang Bang (にんじゃりばんばん)
3. Kimi ni 100 Percent (キミに100パーセント)
4. Super Scooter Happy
5. Invader Invader (インベーダーインベーダー)
6. Mi (み)
7. Fashion Monster (ファッションモンスター)
8. Saigo no Ice Cream (さいごのアイスクリーム)
9. Noriko to Norio (のりことのりお)
10. Furisodation (ふりそでーしょん)
11. Kurakura (くらくら)
12. Otona na Kodomo (おとななこども)

And as is the usual case with cd’s released in Japan, there’ll be a standard edition and a limited edition.

Standard Edition
Standard Edition
Limited Edition
Limited Edition


Kyary Comes Back With Fashion Monster Commercials

Harujuku fashion blogger turned pop sensation, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is hitting Japanese televisions again. The Halloween themed commercials are all to advertise her ‘Fashion Monster’ campaign which is a collaboration with Japanese retailer, ‘g.u.’

EDIT UPDATE: Thanks to Japandaman reader in Japan, Tommy, for pointing out to me that there is a full video for Kyary’s Fashion Monster video which you can catch below. Thanks Tommy!

These new batch of commercials have a Kyary track running in the background and also show her as a creature of the night and a bat as well?


The next clip is to show off the menswear line which involves Kyary having some…fashion monsters over for a quick drink.


To coincide with this, g.u. has released a video book online called ‘Fashion Monster Vol. 2’ which features Kyary’s new hairdos consisting of skulls and bananas not being left out and some highlights from g.u.’s Fall/Winter selection.


And lastly, a collection like this wouldn’t be complete with a cute making of video compilation where you can see how the commercials were put together as well as check out Kyary trying on the different accessories which made it into the commercials.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Set To Release 3rd Single, Fashion Monster

Harajuku fashion blogger turned pop singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, has enjoyed considerable success with her hits, “PONPONPON” and “Candy Candy”, today we learn that her third single is about to be released in Japan. Entitled “Fashion Monster”, it’s due to hit retailers on October 17 which is the first single she’s released in 6 months and it will launch right before the Nippon Budokan live, ‘Doki Doki Waku Waku Pamyu Pamyu Revolution Land 2012 in Kira Kira Budokan‘, which is to be held on November 6th.

“Fashion Monster” was written and composed by Nakata Yasutaka (capsule) and serves as the image song for fashion brand, ‘g.u‘, the song will feature a new direction for Kyary with a distinct electro and rock edge to it. We’ve also posted the cover to CD and track listing below for you.

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Track Listing

01. Fashion Monster
02. Untitled
03. Tsukema Tsukeru extended mix