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Madman Anime Festival 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all get excited as the Madman Anime Festival rolls into Melbourne for 2017. Last year was the debut of the festival, put together by Australia’s largest distributor of quality anime, manga and heaps more otaku goodies, Madman. 2017 also saw the festival branch out to Perth and Brisbane before hitting up Melbourne for the last local convention of the year.

Madman 2017

Japandaman will be at both days joined by Japandaman.com editor, Farrah! We’ll be doing our weeb best to bring you pictures and videos of all the fun and action going down over the weekend. Make sure you check out our social media links below and give us a follow so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

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See you all there!!

Snow Miku 2015 Live Performance

The Sapporo Snow Festival is annual event which always features amazing sculptures and none more so than the blue haired vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. Sapporo happens to be Miku’s hometown which means that the festival comes with live performances featuring her to commemorate the event. The festival took place in Chuo-ku, Sapporo’s Odori Park between February 5-11.

Here’s a couple of trailers so you can see what went down.

Quick Guide To Japan’s 2013 Cherry Blossom Season

So you’re in Japan or about to jet off and are hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed Sakura or Cherry Blossom while you’re there? Japandaman has you covered with this quick guide to make sure you don’t miss out on these unique and stunning flowers which Japan is famous for.


If your trip starts in January going towards the middle of February then a trip to Okinawa would be in order. Here with the warmer climate, the Cherry Blossom start blooming earlier than usual given that the traditional season is normally around the end of March. If you’re planning to be in Tokyo, anywhere from late March to the end of April, that will guarantee you a fantastic viewing of the Sakura.


Keep in mind that the blooming season is unfortunately short, usually in the area of two weeks but it’s at this time that it makes for a more sensational viewing time with petals adorning the day and night sky. Just as you’ve seen in countless animes. Ueno Park in Ueno is probably one of the best spots with their Cherry Blossom Festival where thousands of people come and indulge in flower viewing or ‘hanamai’.

Hope this helps and don’t forget to take pictures because memories aren’t enough for this vision unique to Japan!

Anime Snow Sculptures In Sapporo

The annual snow festival kicked off today in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan which features ice and snow sculptures. Amongst the 222 figures you’ll be able to find some great ones, including Luffy from One Piece, Snow Hatsune Miku, Doraemon, Chopper and stacks more.

The sculptures are the creation of some of the companies that own the rights but some others have been created by fans, residents of Sapporo, school children and even the US Navy chipped in.

Here’s a small tour of some of the amazing works of art, more can be found at the bottom of the post at the official site link.


[AFG_gallery id=’49’]


Sapporo Snow Festival Official Site

Hatsune Miku Appreciation Festival

And from the pages of, ‘only in Japan’, comes the news that Hatsune Miku will be receiving her very own appreciation festival in Japan. The event is called the Miku Day Appreciation Festival and will run from March 8 to March 9 rejoicing in all things related to the Vocaloid idol.

Sega shared the main visual for the event, a new and unique drawing from Kei. Check it below.


The event is to be held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, while the first day will be host to the Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 event. The second day will hold the Hatsune Miku concert event and both days will have afternoon and night sessions. Each show will set you back ¥6,300. For those who are new to the whole Hatsune Miku phenomenon, here’s a clip below of the virtual idol in action.

CV01 Hatsune Miku – World is Mine Live in Tokyo, Japan – 1080p HD

More info can be found at the official site by clicking the image below.

Japan Comes To Melbourne

Last Saturday, 26/11/11, saw a bit of Japanese culture come to Melbourne. At the Collingwood Town Hall just outside the CBD and set amongst the backdrop of a fantastic warm afternoon, a festival celebrating all things Japanese was held. There were food stalls, Kendo demonstrations, sumo demonstrations and plenty to see and take part in. The grassy outdoor area held many stalls with interesting jewellery and delicious foods to buy and sample. There were also a few stalls helping out with the efforts to rebuild Northern Japan after the March tsunami and earthquake by donating funds from different items on sale such as beautiful calendars with hand drawn images.

Heading inside, after parting with an entry fee of $5, there was even more to see and do. There was a stage area where a Melbourne busker, who’s name eludes me, was performing with his guitar and female guest on guitar, who had the audience in a rapture. Definitely a highlight and will remember to get some footage of him the next time he’s playing in town. Towards the back of the seated area were more stalls selling Japanese food and drink such as Calpis and Calpico, anime drawing demonstrations and origami lessons and workshops. It was a hub of activity and as a bonus, just by walking in and paying, Laucha won the door prize, a six pack of Kirin beer, thank you very much!!

There was also another hall with more workshops such as Japanese lessons, drinking Japanese tea, some beautiful origami and of course more food! All in all, it was a great way to spend a few hours there set with a warm sunny afternoon, friendly people with lots to see, eat and do. Pics in the gallery below 🙂

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