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Square Enix Confirm FFVII Remake Will Be Episodic

There’s been rumours and speculation flying around for a while now regarding the nature of the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Square Enix have today confirmed what has probably been one of the worst kept secrets and that is that yes, the game in its re-released form will be episodic.

SE recently said, “For Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be reborn on PlayStation 4, there is a lot of content to review in doing a full remake, and production is underway as multiple parts.”

This update was dropped by SE during Playstation’s State Of Play conference held on May 9th. And not just that, but they did a complete mic drop by closing the show the FF VII trailer below with new footage.

Aerith and Cloud costume to appear Lightning Returns

We’ve heard about a couple of much loved Final Fantasy VII characters, Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife, making an appearance of sorts in the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Now we have video confirmation that this feature will also be coming to the West so if you’ve been wanting to see Lightning parading around in a different couple of outfits then you’ll love the clip below!

Little Big Planet 2 Used to Recreate FFVII

Jamie Colliver you should probably take note of, especially if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy VII. For the past 6 months, he has been working on several levels in Little Big Planet 2 recreating the opening scenes from Final Fantasy VII.

Using the creation tools from LBP2 as well as the FFVII Sackboys previously released for download, and he also used Creatinators to reproduce the Materia magic. It’s all on his YouTube page where so far he has uploaded videos that show the Bombing Mission right through the Temple of the Ancients. No doubt in time and with positive feedback, he’ll get around to making more of these amazing stages.

Catch a clip below of his efforts so far, very clever indeed.

Final Fantasy VII Live Action Teaser Trailer Debuts

A fan made teaser trailer for a “Final Fantasy VII” live action movie has hit the interwebs and I have to say, I’m a fan. The trailer focuses on Aerith tending to her garden right before her life changing meeting with Cloud.

During the trailer, Aerith takes a walk just to the front door where she sees a couple of other FFVII characters hanging about and running past in a world that portrays a faithful recreation of what’s seen in the game and “Advent Children”.

Aerith is probably my all time favourite FFVII character for her outfit, her musical theme, her fighting style and just the air of innocence she carries but it is her musical theme that for me holds the most weight and conveys the fragility of the character, simply stunning.

Check out the trailer below, let me know what you think and see if you can spot other characters.

Apparently there is a full blown site in the works for this but for now, there’s a Facebook page that you can take a Like to.

FFVII Rumours For 3DS

The interwebs is swirling with mass rumours of the one of the most loved RPG’s coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Famitsu have recently reported that the 3DS is going to play host to the 7th game in a famous RPG which lead people to believe that it’ll be none other than Final Fantasy VII.

There is another rumour which is also suggesting that it isn’t FFVII but Dragon Quest VII on popular gaming forum, NeoGAF, but either way, no matter which title ends up making the transition, it’ll be a great new game for an all new generation.