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Final Fantasy XI Producer Jumps Ship

The Final Fantasy XI Vana Fest 2012 is into its second day in Japan and breaking news has emerged. Square Enix have lost the producer from Final Fantasy XI, Hiromichi Tanaka. He dropped the bombshell that he will be stopping all work on FFXI and leaving SE.

He added he will be making his departure at the conclusion of the Final Fantasy XI Vana Fest 2012. For those in the dark, Tanaka-san was one of the first members of Square joining way back in 1983. Working his way up the ranks, he took over Square Enix’s 3rd development division, after which he became the Corporate Executive for the online sector for Square.

He also holds game designer credits for Final Fantasy I, II and III as well as having a hand in the battle designs for Xenogears and Chrono Cross. He held production duties for FFXIV through to December 2010 as well.

Quite an influential man who helped shape many Square classics, no doubt he’ll be missed.

Final Fantasy XI Vana Fest 2012

Square Enix have announced they’re they;re going to be holding celebrations for the tenth anniversary of Final FantasyXI, yes…it’s been ten years already.

This particular FF game differed from the others in that it was a MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

The event called Final Fantasy XI Vana Fest 2012 is scheduled to take place between June 23 and 24. A specific time or place hasn’t been given yet but there is a promotional poster for the event.

All it says is that it will be held somewhere in Tokyo, hopefully more info as it draws near. Another thought is that maybe the event will be taking place over Tokyo, as in the whole of Tokyo, that’d be something.