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Japan to receive Final Fantasy DLC in July

Fans of Final Fantasy in Japan are about to receive some sweet DLC swag for Final Fantasy XIII-2 come this July. One of them is the Ultimate Hits version which will set gamers back ¥2,940 which is a steal while the other one is a repack of the past DLC in one convenient place.

ffxiii-2 dlc

The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Collection is jam packed with goodness coming loaded with costumes, weapons, Colosseum enemies plus some bonus episodes all for the packaged price of ¥5,040. If you already have the game in Japan, then you’ll have access to the Additional Content Selection which is on both Xbox Live and PSN for 1360 MS Points or ¥2,100.

The full list of contents can be seen below, it’s got everything packed in.

Colosseum Opponents


Lightning and Lieutenant Amodar

Jihl Nabaat

Ultros and Typhon





Sera: Summoner’s Garb, Beachwear, White Mage

Noel: Battle Attire, Spacetime Guardian, Black Mage

Mog: A Wondrous Wardrobe Costume Pack



Sera: Genji Bow

Noel: Catastrophe Blade, Muramasa



Sazh: Heads or Tails?

Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess

Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

On top of that, the Ultimate Hits version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be made available for download 2000 MS Points or ¥2,940.

FFXIII-2 Music Site Opens

Square Enix are busy launching new sites everywhere today with another one being the music site fot the upcoming, Final Fantasy XIII-2. The site features several tracks from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack and also shows off the gorgeous packaging for the CD pack that will be releasing mid-December.

The soundtrack will feature no less than 4 discs and will be launching one day before the official game’s release on December 14. There will several flavours available from retailers ranging from the standard edition at ¥3,990 and a limited first run edition for ¥4,800. The Limited Edition will also feature a bonus DVD thrown in, the contents of which are unknown but it’s free!

New Site For Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix have unveiled a new look for the site to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2 which looks very cutesy with gorgeous Moogles all over the place.

The site features a handwritten look for the text and offers a recap of the events of Final Fantasy XIII with a Moogle acting as your guide.

There will character profiles, a calendar of events, a dictionary of game terms which is all set to a retro sounding 8-bit version of the FFXIII theme.

Check out the official site for this more at the link below.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official Site

Sunleth Waterscape In Leaked FFXIII-2 Footage

Thanks to Steph who pointed me to the right way on Siliconera and this great footage that some sneaky and crafty Square Enix fanboy/girl managed to obtain at the recent showing of Final Fantasy XIII-2 over the weekend in Europe.
Thanks to Steph who pointed me to the right way on Siliconera and this great footage that some sneaky and crafty Square Enix fanboy/girl managed to obtain at the recent showing of Final Fantasy XIII-2 over the weekend in Europe.

Dear God…it’s glorious…

Serah Cosplay By AKB48 For FFXIII-2 Launch

Square Enix recently ran a campaign where you could “Like” the Final Fantasy XIII-2 promo site. For those that went along and voted and were wondering what they were voting for and what the outcome would yield once the 50, 000 mark had been reached, that answer has been revealed.

AKB48 member and FFXIII-2 spokesperson, Yuko Oshima, will be cosplaying as Serah at the official launch party event to be held in Japan.


But the campaign is far from over yet, if the Likes keep rising and hit the 70, 000 mark then Yuko will wear a second outfit  as well so possibly Serah and another character will be making an appearance.

SE has hinted at a third option but hasn’t revealed those details as yet.

AKB48 Idol Continues Testing FFXIII-2

As reported earlier, Yuko Oshima from J-pop super girl group AKB48, has been selected as a beta tester for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The first clip below shows some footage from the game featuring Noel running through a cool Autumn setting while the second clip shows the conclusion to a battle. The footage looks as good as expected while the videos themselves seem to be tv spots to promote the game, check them out below.


FFXIII-2 PS3 Covers From Hori

Third party manufacturer of many gaming things have shown their latest creation which will pique the attention of Final Fantasy fans out there. Instead of buying a Final Fantasy XIII-2 themed PS3, Hori has released a FFXIII-2 themed cover which you can purchase for your PS3.

These are official covers and are priced at ¥1, 980 and is suitable for CECH-2000, 2100, 2500, and 3000 series consoles. The covers will be arriving on December 15 which coincidentally is the same day that the game releases. Check your favourite importer or site for availability on these exclusive covers.

FFXIII-2 And AKB48 Join Forces

Andriasang has revealed that J-Pop massive girl group, AKB48, will be teaming up with Square Enix to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2. One of the AKB48 members, Yuko Oshima, has been named as the official test player for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Oricon reported today. Oshima san will be appearing in a tv spot for the game which as yet hasn’t been released but Oricon released a few tidbits of information regarding what will happen in the tv ad.

Oshima will be appearing in a business suit at a morning meeting where she exchanges business cards with fellow staffers after greeting them good morning. She turns to the camera and holds up a disc which contains a build of the game on it. There are 12 test players which she will be heading up and will be working with the people under her to deliver her report on the game.

The first spot airs on the 15th so hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon but until then, check the screenshot below.

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