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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Revealed

Here’s a pretty cool video from Square Enix showing what lucky gamers can expect when they pick up their limited edition copy of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition.

This is the US version of the collector’s edition which looks amazing! Watch out for on February 11th for PS3 and Xbox 360 and February 14 in Europe.

Lightning Pulls Off Cameo With Pocky

Maker of Pocky, Glico, has teamed up with huge Japanese developer Square Enix to pull together a cross collaboration with the popular flavoured chocolate sticks and the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

lightning pocky

To mark the game being released tomorrow, Lightining and various characters from the game will be adorning the different boxes of Pocky. The boxes will be showing up this week in Japan across the many Family Mart stores. The boxes will carry artwork featuring Lightning, Mog and many others on the original Pocky flavour, Friend Bakery and Almond Peak.

friend bakery


almond pocky

FFXIII Spot Shows Live Action Lightning

The promotion machine is well and truly underway for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns in Japan as evident by the latest TV spot that recently began airing. The commercial features some in-game footage mixed with footage from a live action model playing the role of Lightning. It looks pretty awesome and shows off some striking visuals.

Lightning Returns launches in Japan on November 21 on PS3 and Xbox 360, the game will release in the West later in 2014.

Lightning Returns trailer shows off new clothes

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII  has had a new trailer premiere for it courtesy of Square Enix. The new trailer shows off the various outfits that can be utilised by Lightning of which there are some great looking ones in there. The clip shows no less than 13 different outfits for Lightning which is an impressive number for one character.

And yes, we think they all look incredible!

Lightning Returns shows opening cutscene

Final Fantasy fans are chomping at the bit for the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which is still a fair way from being released next February. However we may be able to make the wait a bit easier with the release of the opening cinematic which shows off some awesome gameplay. This is the game that will be tying up the Lightning trilogy so hopes are high for this one. Get your look at awaits you below.

Aerith and Cloud costume to appear Lightning Returns

We’ve heard about a couple of much loved Final Fantasy VII characters, Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife, making an appearance of sorts in the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Now we have video confirmation that this feature will also be coming to the West so if you’ve been wanting to see Lightning parading around in a different couple of outfits then you’ll love the clip below!

FFXIII the Saviour’s Choice clip

Great new clip has just emerged for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Called the “Saviour’s Choice”, the clip shows off the Wildlands where the popular Chocobos will be teamed up with Lightning as well as the lovable Moogles and Sazh. There’s also a brief glimpse of Lightning in action during battle along with her new attack, “Army of One”.

Love the part at the end of the clip of Lightning in the Cloud Strife outfit, looks amazing!