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New Trailer For Free! Take Your Marks

Anyone needing more of those Free! swimming boys? Well, here’s a new trailer for the upcoming feature animated film, Free! Take Your Marks. The film, which is broken up into 4 parts, will hit Japanese cinemas later this year on October 28th. The fours parts are listed below:

  • #1 Unmei no Choice!
  • #2 Hitou no Cooling Down! 
  • #3 Kessoku no Butterfly!
  • #4 Tabidachi no Eternal Blue!

The trailer also introduces fans to the theme song, “FREE-STYLE SPIRIT” by STYLE FIVE.

Japan Reveals Which Animes They’re Waiting For

Even the anime otakus in Japan are keen for the next season of shows they’ve fallen in love with. But which shows exactly are they eagerly waiting? Charapedia held a poll and asked fans that very same question and this is what they came up with. The poll ran until the 1st of June and included over 10,000 replies with 46.6% female and 53.4% male. While people in their teens to 20’s made up 85.2%.


Here’s the top 20 responses:

1. Sword Art Online II – 2113 votes

2. Free! Eternal Summer – 1676 votes

3. Hanamonogatari – 1019 votes

4. Black Butler: Book of Circus – 939 votes

5. Re:_Hamatora – 500 votes

6. Tokyo Ghoul – 494  votes

7. Sailor Moon Crystal – 476 votes

8. Persona 4 The Golden – 435 votes

9. Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun – 428 votes

10. Ao Haru Ride – 417 votes

11. Psycho-Pass New Edit – 398 votes

12. Fate/kaleid liner Zwei – 344 votes

13. Bakumatsu Rock – 266 votes

14. Encouragement of Climb – 252 votes

15. Barakamon – 240 votes

16. Glasslip – 222 votes

17. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance – 189 votes

18. ALDNOAH.ZERO – 173 votes

19. Space Dandy – 134 votes

20. Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!? 126 votes

Any of your favourites in there? Bring SOA II, Sailor Moon Crystal and Psycho-Pass New Edit for a start!

New Character For Free! Anime

Ahead of the second season of the swimming anime, Free!, the official site has announced some exciting news. While the second season will premiere in July, the anime has a new title, Free!-Eternal Summer,  and also a new character.

free second season

The second season introduces new character Sosuke Yamazaki as the anime picks up the story after the swimming competition from the first season. 

Yoshimasa Hosoya will voice Sosuske.
Yoshimasa Hosoya will voice Sosuske.

Trailer For Free! Anime 2nd Season

Here’s something that will get some people I know really happy. It’s a brief 15 second trailer for season 2 of the swimming anime, Free! The trailer was posted by Kyoto Animation on their YouTube channel.

Like all good teaser videos, not much information is shown apart from the words at the end, “Ato Sukoshi”, which translate as “coming very soon,” while the voice over says, “Summer is coming. The first and the last eternal summer for us.”

More information may be coming after an event at Akihabara UDX Vision happening from May 3 to the 5th. We’ll keep you posted.

Lawson Convenience Stores Announce New Promotions

Lawson is a popular franchise of convenience stores in Japan and like most stores tend to run promotions from time to time. They recently announced a couple of new ones for the otaku public.

First up, there’s the swimming anime, Free!, in which customers can buy 2 collaboration Calbee products in order to receive a snazzy poster which can be seen below.

free anime poster


You can also download the Android and iOS Lawson app which will give you access to a Free! wallpaper for your smartphone. Knowledge of Japanese will be required for the app.

The second promotion is for Love Live!, the hugely idol anime with matching game. The promotion kicks off on March 18 and will consist of a lucky draw lottery where you can win unique Love Live! t shirts. You’ll need to gain entry to the promotion by purchasing a Kirin drink and then you’ll also be able to select your favourite girl for the promo campaign.

love live promo



Free! 2nd Season Officially Confirmed

Fans of swimming anime, Free!, can breathe a sigh of relief after months of speculation. The hit anime has been officially confirmed as coming back with a second season during a recent event in Japan.

twitter free


Even cast members were surprised by the revelation as no announcement had been made during the day, the news breaking at the event during a night session.

Poster shown during the season 2 announcement.
Poster shown during the season 2 announcement.

Any Free! fans out there excited or not  surprised by these news? Let us know!

Free! merch is incoming

Swimming anime Free! has finished for now but that doesn’t mean that fans can just forget about Summer’s most popular anime. Full length pillows, or dakimakura, are quite common in otaku bedrooms and now we hear that Free! will be receiving the same treatment.

[AFG_gallery id=’336′]

Pre-orders for the Free! half dakimakura’s which are being produced by Iwatobi SC which will be released in late November. There’s also an Offcial Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket. The Iwatobi SC bag is already being sold for ¥4,725.

free bag
Iwatobi SC bag
Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket
Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket


Iwatobi chan hoodie blanket
Iwatobi chan hoodie blanket

What was the most Tweeted anime for Summer 2013?

NEC BIGLOBE’s “Anime Engine (β) is a Japanese communications provider who released the results of their survey into determining which subjects were trending on Twitter. The period in question was covering the 1st of July til the 30th of September and refers to the number of tweets per minute on a given topic.

The subject receiving the most tweets was the hugely popular swimming anime, Free!, with the title the phrase that trended the most with 1060 tweets using the subject word every minute. The rest of the list was made up with Kiniro Mosaic (648), Attack on Titan(519), Fantasista Doll (515), and Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga warui (508).