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New Attack On Titan Burger Collaboration

Must be the size of the Titans from the hit show, Attack on Titan, that has Lotteria promoting Titan burgers. We’ve seen the multi layered heart attack inducing Titan burger from Lotteria now we have a new promotion to entice us.

lotteria titan

Beginning on April 25th, anyone who indulges in a teriyaki burger or a cheeseburger, fries with a small drink, they’ll be able to pick up a Levi clearfile or a Titan mini towel.

titan promo

And let’s not forget the Titan bucket of fries!

titan fries

Attack On Titan Burgers For Japan

In another tasty crossover collaboration, Attack on Titan has teamed up with Lotteria, a fast food take out place. Lotteria has also done some cross promotions in the past with Evangelion, K-ON!, Madoka and Berserk.

aot lott 1

Running the 6th of March through to the 20th of March, you’ll be able to stroll into a Lotteria store and pick up one of the 5, 7 or 10 “meter class” stacks of delicious cheeseburgers. They’ll also have a massive serving of fries called the Potato Girl Sasha. But it wouldn’t be Japan unless there were some great freebies thrown in. You can also get  3D maneuver gear keychain and hamburger or blade (Eren) or a (Mikasa) shrimp burger voucher when you purchase a burger. If you opt for the fries instead, you can pick up a burger (Levi) shrimp burger voucher (Annie) or instead, fries with an emblem badge.

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McDonald’s Japan super sizes their fries

A bit of a change in the land of fast food for Japan, specifically the fast food giant, McDonald’s. For an extremely limited time, they’re bringing in the Mega Potato fries which is essentially the same as two large servings of fries put together.

The Mega Potato which comes in at roughly 350 grams makes everything else on the menu absolutely tiny. And with so many fries, comes so many calories plus a price tag to go along with them: ¥490.

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If anyone reads this and is Japan, send me a pic with you and the fries and I’ll send you something cool!!