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Sega Collaborates To Release Segakawaii Goods

Sega has collaborated with apparel label, “galaxxxy” to release a brand new range of accessories and clothes called, “Segakawaii”, where they have taken Sega’s well known products and given them an overhaul. The goods hit the streets of Japan a few days ago on April 25th aimed at the female Sega fan.

segakawaii logo
Such an awesome logo!


Dreamcast backpack - ¥13,869
Dreamcast backpack – ¥13,869


Dreamcast t-shirt - ¥4,725
Dreamcast t-shirt – ¥4,725


Megadrive tank top - ¥4,724
Megadrive tank top – ¥4,724

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for more cool stuff.

Wooser Fashion Goods From Galaxxxy

The anime with a difference, Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth-Life, may have temporarily come to an end but that doesn’t stop the fan from reliving the show with some cool merchandise that’s just come out.


The clothing merchandise clothing is from galaxxxy and just like the show, they’re cute and different. The clothing label has previously enjoyed a collaboration with other companies releasing a varied range of products with one of the coolest ones being a Sega Dreamcast backpack (our favourite all time console!)

Have a flick through the gallery below, there’s some cute and quirky stuff in there.

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Anime Fashion For The Everyday Otaku

Tons of people cosplay on weekends or special Otaku events and loads more wish they could but may not have the courage to don the outfit of their favourite character. How about if you could cross your everyday life with some anime clothing without cosplaying?

This next section should help you out, as there appears to be a growing trend catering for the Otaku who wants to incorporate these clothes into their everyday life without cosplaying. WebR25 made the observation seen below, that there are more clothes manufacturers catering for these people and fans. Brands such as BEAMS, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT and plot are putting out some pretty cool and interesting fashion of late. Other labels you may want to check out are NO.S and galaxxxy.

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