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Attack On Titan Coming To Japanese Arcades

Attack on Titan is such a massively popular series, from the manga through to the anime, 3DS game and loads of merchandise. Capcom have recently announced that they’re the AoT series will be branching off into the world of arcades.

attack on titan poster

We know that the game will be launching in Japan during Summer and that during the announcement trailer, they showed the phrase “Sacrifice Your Heart.” Hopefully we’ll have more details as they come to light.

BlazBlue coming to anime

Great news from Japan with the announcement that hugely popular fighting game, BlazBlue, will be receiving the anime treatment and having its very own show. This has all come about nearly 3 years after the designer of the series showed an interest for the game to be converted into an anime.

BlazBlue shot

The end result was a petition which has resulted in finding a Western producer from Europe with links to a publisher/developer based in Japan. The news was recently confirmed via the latest volume of Calamity Trigger and as yet, more concrete details are still to come. However speculation is rife that the anime will delve into the roots of the game series in order to attract both new and old fans alike. Seeing as how confusing and intricate the story of the game can be, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers turn this out and make this into an anime.

First Gameplay Trailer For Theatrhythm (3DS)

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm received it’s first gameplay trailer today showcasing exactly what awaits gamers when they tackle Square Enix’s rhythm based for the Nintendo 3DS. As well as boasting an extensive back catalogue of music from the franchise, it looks set to deliver groundbreaking gameplay, for a Final Fantasy game, with a thumping soundtrack and cutesy characters thrown in for good measure. Enjoy the trailer and don’t forget, this game will be at TGS, hopefully we’ll have more info for you!