Pokemon Evolutions Sun & Moon Commercial

And now it’s time for an absolutely endearing commercial for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Showing a young boy’s love and passion for Pokemon on the Gameboy and TCG though to life as a young man. But man, this commercial gives serious feels. And I’m seriously not wiping a tear away, you’re wiping a tear away… […]

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Gameboy Shaped Mailbox In Japan

From the pages of “Only In Japan”, comes this sighting as reported by Rocket News of a unique mailbox in Japan. Specifically, the mailbox was spotted in a mountainous region of Japan and it happens to be shaped like an original Nintendo Gameboy! The mailbox was snapped by Twitter user, Kota Hirauchi who hasn’t really disclosed the exact […]

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Pokemon 20th Anniversary

February 27th 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon in Japan and what a momentous couple of decades it’s been! Most gamers across the globe have played Pokemon in some form or another and it’s a series that has spawned it’s fair share of rabid fanboys/girls. It’s also the inspiration behind some amazingly complex and […]

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Giant Gameboy suitcase

You know when you travel by plane and you’re waiting at the carousel to pick up your suitcase and they all look the same? Well, those days are over with the release of this awesome looking suitcase. The suitcase resembles a giant Nintendo Gameboy and is being released by Think Geek. It’s part of their “Travel […]