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Gashapon Cat Toys Come To Japan

Capsule toy machines, or gashpaon, are huge in Japan and can literally be found everywhere. There are heaps of random treasures to be found from anime characters, Hello Kitty variations, limited edition keyrings and loads more. They’re extremely addictive though as you try and collect each item from any set and being that they’re usually around ¥100, it’s very easy to spend more than what you wanted to.

Now cat fans have a really cool set of items designed to collect based around miniature cat toys and other cool cat collectibles.

cat gashapon 1

Check out the kitty litter…it even has poop in it! There are six toys to collect in the “Cat Rearing” set including cat toys, cat food cat climbing towers, the kitty cat litter/poop, cat toys and a paper bag. Each capsule has been priced at ¥200 so they’re slightly more pricey than other ones but they’re really cool!

Capsule Toys Make You Go Hmm…

You know those awesome toys you can buy in capsule machines that are EVERYWHERE in Japan? Those ones, yeah. In Japan, they’re known as Gashapon and while you can gran some amazingly kawaii and limited to Japan goodies, sometimes they can be a bit bizarre and unexpected.

Case in point the following toys found in gashapon machines in Japan.

  1. bottle panties
    Underwear for your drink bottles because why not? They get cold too, right? Right?
  2. locker watch
    It’s a watch shaped like a rubber wristband that are commonly seen in gyms or swimming pools.
  3. underbite animals
    Animals with an underbite…yep. Cute, right? Even Australia has representation with a koala!
  4. mannequin
    Mannequins. What’s the Wii Fit trainer going to do now?
  5. snack tissue holders
    Somewhere convenient to carry your tissues in? And what’s more convenient than a packet that looks like a snack. Just be careful you don’t get mixed up with real snacks in your bag. A mouthful of tissues? Not much fun we imagine.
  6. hanging pugs
    Hanging Pugs to hang off your glass. Different poses are available. Real Pug not included.
  7. squishy bananas
    The stress ball of 2016! Squishy bananas for hanging off your phone, bag or whatever catches your fancy. These rubbery delights will ease your tension away with each squeeze.

    So, see anything that catches your eye? We’d love to hear if you have any favourites from that list. We’re personally a sucker for the hanging Pugs ourselves.

    Source & Images: Gachapon Jouhou

Sailor Moon Goes Gashapon

Japan is littered with those gashapon vending machines everywhere you look. From the sidewalk to train stations and just about everywhere else as well. Sailor Moon has been on a promotional spree lately all due to the new series coming out so Bandai have been putting all sorts of merchandise with Sailor Moon on it. Unfortunately, a lot of it is quite expensive which left a lot of fans upset.


Bandai have seemingly come to the party on this and released a line of cheap compact mirrors from the Sailor Moon franchise but the best part is, they can be picked up from a gashapon vending machine. The mirrors will only set you back ¥300 which is peanuts, really. There five different ones to collect and yes, they all come with working mirrors as well.