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Pokemon Sleeping Bags For Pikachu Plushies

Now this is really cute. Sleeping bags for your Pikachu plushie which look like other Pokemon. Words can’t do this justice, have a look at these pictures.



Unfortunately, these can’t be purchased in stores, instead you need to enter a lottery in the Pokemon Centre megastores, Tsutaya – a video chain of stores, anime store chain Animate and selected bookstores and arcades. You pay ¥620 and receive a random prize card which nets you anything including the Lapras style sleeping bag or even a Pikachu sleeping bag which are 25 centimetres long.


Prizes C and D are a half year 2017 calendar and days of the week cards while D is a Gengar or Pikachu pouch with a zipper for small items.


Charizard or Lucario sleeping bag plushies are prizes E and F.


For the rundown on all the prizes, check out the official site.