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GITS Meets Pharrell Williams

Collaborations are nothing new in Japan and now we hear of a new one featuring popular series, Ghost in the Shell and American recording artist, Pharrell Williams. The new deal also incorporates Nigo’s fashion retail Billionaire Boys Club and has resulted in some pretty cool, if somewhat pricey, t shirts. The garments will set you back $90 (ouch) and will be available exclusively in Japan. They form part of the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex x Ice Cream t shirts.

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Review: Ghost in the Shell: Arise (movie)

*Thank you to Madman Entertainment for the review copy*

gits arise

I watched this with a high degree of expectation being a Ghost in the Shell fan and I’ll say it straight away…I wasn’t disappointed. Arise comes to us as a prequel set before the universe of GITS that we all know and are probably used to. Arise is also the first of four planned movies which will tell the story of Major Matoko Kusanagi prior to her joining Public Security Section 9. In this first movie, she’s still with her old outfit, the Army 501 organisation.

In this first film,the plot revolves around the death of Matoko’s mentor and friend who somehow ends up becoming implicated in the homicide. Thrown in some visions that Makoto can’t trust as being real which soon leads her to start doubting the world around her as she can’t differentiate between real and illusion. It’s really a great story that’s been packed into the 50 minute running time and cleverly leaves the ending open right at a critical moment leaving you begging for more. Everything in this movie looks fantastic with that same art style from Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig despite the movie coming way after the series.

It is great to see series regulars such as Batou and Togusa both sharing a different dynamic with Kusanagi, especially Batou who having just met her has trust issues, it’s interesting to see that side of the story play out. Another fan favourite, Tachikoma, is also in there but not quite as we know them now. I don’t want to give too much away seeing as how there are still 3 parts to play out but suffice to say, if you liked GITS before then I imagine you’ll this first part prequel. If anything just to see how much of a rookie Makoto comes across as compared to the confident and battle experienced commander she ends up becoming later in life.

[starreview tpl=16] Another great entry into the GITS universe. If you’re fan, you really should get into this. Tells a great story at a cracking pace.

Reel Anime 2013 update

Reel Anime is a movie festival which takes place in Melbourne, Australia, also in New Zealand, used to show off some of the best up and coming movies that we may not normally see in mainstream release. Past films have included Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 as well as Ghibli classic, 5 Centimeters Per Second.

This year seems to be no different with some massive titles coming to the land Down Under. First off, Madman Entertainment has confirmed that Ghost in the Shell: Arise will be showing as well the latest in the Evangelion franchise, Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

For more info, check out the official Reel Anime site.

AR t shirt for Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell fans will want to add this new release from Japanese cosplay manufacturer, Cospa. It’s a t shirt that has Augmented Reality, or AR, technology built into it.

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Through the use of a smartphone app, when you take a snap of the person wearing the garment, their face will be replaced by the show’s “Laughing Man” logo, or in other words, “hacked”. The t shirt will be available in August and will set you back ¥3,500.

8 minutes of Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Can’t get to Japan to catch the first instalment of prequel series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise? Neither can we but we can bring you the next best thing. The official YouTube channel posted the first 8 minutes so you can see what direction they’re heading in. Looks amazing and will definitely be a pre-order.

Using the closed captions button will enable the English subtitles for you.

“Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Another Mission” full version

We showed the recent collaboration between Microsoft, Ghost in the Shell: Arise and the promotional PV’s that were created. Those PV’s were just a snippet of the full length version which you can check out below.

Don’t know if it will convince me to buy a Surface but it does look pretty good. Has this changed your mind about the Surface?

Arise glides onto Surface

A new tie-in coming out of Japan, this one focussing on Ghost in the Shell: Arise teaming up with Microsoft for their newly launched Surface tablet.

Two new spots for TV have just been launched which you can check out below. Arise is part of a new four episode series having a cinema run with the first one hitting the silver screen on June 22nd.

The CM’s look amazing, will this persuade anyone to buy a Microsoft Surface?

surface arise


Surface keyboards

surface keyboards


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Ghost in the Shell merch for Summer

Cosplay merchandise company, Cospa, have shown off what they’re going to be releasing for the Summer time in Japan. Helped along by the release of Ghost in the Shell: Arise in cinemas, Cospa will be releasing some GITS merchandise to mark the occasion. Some of the merchandise has been release before however some of it is completely new and will debuting this year.

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Two new such items are a pair of towels featuring a Tachikoma and the ubiquitous Laughing Man logo. The towels will set you back ¥1,575 each. Anyone else think this stuff is Otaku heaven?

New Arise trailer packed with action scenes

We’ve shown a bit of the new and upcoming entry to the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Arise, which will serve as a prequel to the hugely popular series.

gits arise 4

Today we have the first real trailer for the new entry which looks absolutely amazing loaded with tons of action, something the series is known for.

The first entry in the prequel series will be hitting Japanese theatres on June 22nd, shortly after that the movie will be arriving on DVD on July 26th.