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Girls’ Generation & David Letterman – The Video

Girls’ Generation made their US appearance last night on David Letterman and wouldn’t you know it…they were the very last act making it 1AM in the morning here in Australia! However if you forgot to set your recorders or stayed up and fell asleep, fear not for Japandaman Dailies has you covered.

You can find the video with the awesome live performance of a remixed version of, ‘The Boys’, below.

The clip has already amassed close to 500,000 views in one day but I have to hand it to Mr. Letterman for introducing the group as ‘a very popular South Korean group’. Way to know your guests and understating them during the introduction!

Girls’ Generation On David Letterman Tonight!

As reported earlier, K-Pop girl group, Girls’ Generation, are currently in the US promoting themselves to break into the lucrative US market. Well, thanks to the SBS Pop Asia blog, I can reveal that the girls will be on the David Letterman Show tonight for Australian viewers. The show will be broadcast at 12:10AM on Channel 10 so you better set your recorders to make sure you don’t miss out. So that’s tonight making it early Thursday morning.



The group arriving at the broadcast station were met with thousands of adoring and screaming fans as they made their way of the bus and into the safety of the studio. Ever the attentive group, they spent time with their fans signing cd’s that they had brought along and also taking the time out to have a chat with them too.



Girls’ Generation Surge Into The USA

First up were the Wonder Girls now Girls’ Generation is taking on the lucrative US market. Only last night, the popular K-Pop girl group left Asia, destination: New York. They have quite a few tv appearances lined up ranging from heavyweight of the tv talk show world, David Letterman and Live! with Kelly.



Girls’ Generation is the third group to join the race of making an impact or about to embark for success on Western soil following the earlier mentioned, Wonder Girls and other popular girl group, 2NE1 set to join the battle for US/European stardom. 2NE1 have yet to start formal promotion plans for themselves, however their clip for hit song, ‘I am the best’ is gathering steam with 31 million hits on YouTube and the majority of those views have been from non-Korean markets.



Greater success outside of Asia could possibly mean more lyrics receiving the translation to English, is this good or bad you think?

Red And White Song Battle In Japan

Japan holds a yearly music event called “The Kohaku Uta Gassen” or the Red and White Song Battle. This is regarded as a highly revered event and being invited to participate is usually a great honour as traditionally only the best of the best are invited to participate.

This year’s event was the 62nd annual battle and as well as a swathe of J-Pop artists being in attendance, the organisers also invited some K-Pop artists to take part. This included Korean groups Girls Generation, KARA and TVXQ which was their first time.

KARA was the 21st group to perform with a unique mashup of two of their songs, being Jet Coaster Love and Mister.

KARA – Jet Coaster Love/Mister


Next at number 25 was Girls’ Generation with their hit, Genie.

Girls’ Generation – Genie


TVXQ followed up at number 30 performing Keep Your Head Down.

TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down