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AKB48 Brings Down The House With Give Me Five!

The girls of Japanese powerhouse girl group, AKB48, appeared on Music Japan during the weekend to perform and promote their new single Give Me Five! Although the album from which the single came from doesn’t need much promoting, it sold one million copies in the first two days of launch…yowzers.

You catch the performance below which by all accounts brought the house with an especially enthusiastic crowd.



In related news, some members of the group also took part in a meet and greet held at the Seibu Dome in Saitama. It was during this event that the girls in attendance; Oshima Yuko, Maeda Atsuko, Shinoda Mariko and Kashiwagi Yuki revealed that they would contributing over ¥585 million which equates roughly to $7 million AUD, plus profits from their cd to victims of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

As well as donating much needed money, the girls have also been going to many of the disaster areas to talk with victims and helping to life their spirits. Oshima Yuko had this message for the fans in Japan:

“We would like to face the disaster squarely. All of you here are also a part of the project, so let’s continue these supportive activities together.”

AKB48’s 25th Single – Give Me Five MV

The eagerly awaited 25th single, called Give Me Five,  from Japanese girl group, AKB48, has a video released for it or really, it’s more like a mini movie at over 30 minutes long.

Directed by Sugita Shigemichi, the MV tells the story of four separate girls each with their own tale of hardship and trying times. Yuki has suffered abuse at the hands of bullies in school while Atsuko’s parent are no longer together so to look after her alcoholic father she makes ends meet by working at a ramen shop. Yuko supports her parent’s debt by lying about her age to work in a brothel and Minami suffers from having a very short attention span but makes up for it by finishing things quickly.

Throughout the course of the mini movie, it outlines how these four young ladies come together to form a band called, ‘Baby Blossom’. And it’s from there that they realise the path that life has laid out for them.

UPDATE: Original video has been taken down…here’s the clip of the song minus all the movie before it, this is just the song…and it’s great!! Any issues with the clip playing after the short ad, please reload the page.

Watch AKB48 – GIVE ME FIVE! PV (SSTV 27012012) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

AKB48 Ready Up To Release 25th Single

I will unashamedly say that I’m a huge AKB48 fan, I try and buy their albums and releases when I can either through an import store in Melbourne that charges a mint or I obtain Japanese iTunes Store credit and purchase them that way.

So I was really excited to hear the news that the powerful girl group from Japan are getting ready to release their 25th single upon adoring fans everywhere. The single will be available from February and will no doubt help to cement their record as Japan’s highest selling girl group.

The single will be titled, ‘Give Me Five’ and according to what we’ve heard, the single will have four different editions, in both CD and DVD, to purchase from stores. The breakdown will be version A & B of the regular version as well as special editions of both versions as well. The albums will contain six tracks which will be three new songs and the three instrumentals of those songs. The dvd will also have the three MV’s os music videos for the three songs.


To top all that off, AKB48 have also made a documentary movie entitled, ‘DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on Shoujo-tachi wa Kizu Tsukinagara, Yume wo Miru’. To help promote this movie, an 80 metre banner was erected in the subway station of Shinjuku. The banner contains images from their live stage performances. The movie will be hitting cinemas across Japan on January 27.