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Six Minute Overview Of Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 is headed to the PS4 in Japan early next year in January where it’ll be known as Gravity Daze 2. To help get you in the mood and bring you up to speed, Sony have released this handy 6 minute video which shows the various game mechanics from story, new exclusive modes, gameplay and loads more. Plus as a bonus, after all that goodness is shown, they’ve also thrown in a mini visual feature that will help to connect the events of Gravity Rush with it’s sequel once it’s released from Studio Khara.

Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay TGS 16

Another game I can’t wait to play is Gravity Rush 2. The first entry in the series on the PS Vita was an amazing experience and left me wanting me more from the rich world of Hekseville. Japan Studio brought some new gameplay to Tokyo Game Show 2016 which looks mindblowingly awesome and introduces a few new characters to the mix.