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Matcha Goodies from Mister Donut For Japan

In keeping with the current matcha theme that’s active in Japan, Mister Donut is jumping into the fray with their offering of matcha goodness products and yummy things to eat!


Mister Donut collaboration with Gion Tsujiri, a tea company.

How good does that donut look? Gion Tsujiri is a green tea specialist from Kyoto who have been around for over 150 years. They’re also known for their matcha lip balms and delicious parfaits and are now turning their talents to donuts. There’s no less than six donuts to be given the matcha treatment and as you can see from the image below, they all look extremely delicious!

Matcha au lait and Matcha au Lait Soy Milk Whip round out the treats!

Let’s have a look at each one in closer detail. (All in the name of research, of course).

Warabi Mochi Matcha
Shiratama Matcha
Adzuki Matcha Whip


Matcha Soy Milk Whip


Premium Matcha Fashion


Pon de Ring Premium Matcha


Matcha au Lait


Matcha au Lait Soy Milk Whip

These awesome matcha treats will be available from April 7th through to about mid May so the only question that remains is, is there any chance of Mister Donuts coming to Australia pretty please?

Yummy Treat For Starbucks Japan

I’m convinced that Japan gets all the yummy and delicious treats. From Pepsi Sakura to hot chill Kit Kats, there’s something to cater for all taste buds. Starbucks Japan is getting into the act with the announcement that they’re bringing back an amazing fusion of East meets West: Chocolate Brownie Matcha Frappuccinos.

starbucks matcha

Green tea frappuccinos have been been around in Japan for the past 14 years but it’s the addition of the brownie that has everyone excited. The brownie bit themselves have been blended into the drink as opposed to just having the brownie flavouring added. These drinks were previously around at Starbucks over 2 years ago before disappearing but they’re back now with no end date having been determined yet.

Lawson Collaborates With The IdolM@ster

In yet another collaboration ready to hit up Japan, convenience store chain Lawson, has revealed a cross promotion with the popular IdolM@ster series.

lawson promo idolmaster

Beginning on May 27th, the promotion will see Lawson teaming up with the PS3 launch of the new game,  The Idolm@ster: One for All. The promotion will see the Kirin brand of Namacha, a green tea beverage which comes in bottled form, covered in one of the 12 different characters from the series. This will give the game launching on May 15 a great start and will see it hopefully sell by the truckload.