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Ar No Surge Demo Coming To Japanese PSN

One of the games we’ve been watching and reporting on with a lot of interest is the RPG, Ar no Surge for the PS3. So it’s great news for the Japanese gamers, or for those with a Japanese PSN account (naughty, naughty) that a demo of this exciting game is coming soon.


Developer Gust has recently revealed that an Ar no Surge demo will be coming to the Japanese PSN on February 19. Even better, if you download the demo and give it a run through, you’ll be receiving a ¥500 discount when the game releases on the 6th of March. The demo is a Playstation exclusive and will give you 5 hours of gameplay which is heaps!

TGS ’13: New Atelier Rorona TGS trailer

TGS saw the release of a new trailer for New Atelier Rorona: The Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland from developer Gust. The clip sees the transformation from the old chibi model to a new fresh model of main character, Rorolina Frixell. The game will be hitting Japan on November 21 for both the PS3 and PS Vita in Japan. So far though, no Western release has been mentioned.

Hit up the trailer below.

Surge Concerto Ten Minute Trailer (PS Vita)

Gust and 4Gamer have just released an amazing ten minute trailer for Surge Concerto, the life sim bound for the PS Vita.

The trailer begins normally enough with what appears to be the opening cinematic for the game before switching gears and jumping straight into what appears to be real time gameplay as main character, Ion, interacts with the player for the first time.

Words don’t do this enough, watch the trailer and admire its beauty…it looks great. Oh and the soundtrack in the trailer is also amazing, I hope that’s actually in the game.