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Attack On Titan Live Action Movie Update

It was inevitable that hugely popular series, Attack on Titan, would be receiving a live action adaptation but who exactly will be filling in the shoes of the characters we all know and love?


The first bit of casting has leaked out pointing towards the casting of Japanese singer turned actor, Haruma Miura in the film. No word on who he’ll be playing but rumours are rife on the interwebs that he’ll be taking over the role of Eren.

miura haruma


Miura has previously starred in Bloody Monday, Samurai High School, Last Cinderella and is also a member of J-Pop boy band, Brash Brats. Filming looks set to take place at Hashima island otherwise known as Gunkanjima. It’s a long abandoned island in the area of Nagasaki.

Hashima Island


Hashima Island 2


If the island looks vaguely familiar, it was used in the James Bond film, Skyfall as the enemy stronghold.