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Shenmue HD…Could It Be?

I will go on record and say that my all time favourite console of all time is undoubtedly the Sega Dreamcast for far too many reasons to mention here. But one game that kept me coming back for more was Shenmue, one of the first games to introduce me to what I imagined Japan would look like and now having been there, it’s pretty much spot on.


So I can only say that I am ‘mildy excited’ at the news that Yu Suzuki’s classic game receiving the HD remake which seems to be all the rage at the moment. This is one game that truly deserves it and would come to life on any big screen in full 1080p resolution.

Edge Online is reporting, through an anonymous person, that a high def remake of Shenmue has indeed been completed and has been for over a year now. And not just Shenmue but Shenmue 2 as well just to make it that bit more exciting.

This all started when the brand manager for Sega, Ben Harborne, began dropping hints that following successful HD remakes of Space Channel 5 Part 2 and the as yet unreleased Jet Set Radio, Shenmue  was the next logical choice.

But for now Sega are keeping it for a rainy day and are still waiting to see if the series does have a future. It is no secret that Yu has wanted to make a third Shenmue game for a long time so releasing the first two HD remakes could be a way to raise interest for a third game.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Inbound

Fans of gothic slash ’em up will rejoice in the news that Capcom USA have recently announced. Classic franchise Devil May Cry is to receive the HD treatment and will be coming to both Xbox 360 and PS3. The collection will consist of the first three games in the series and will be launching in the USA in early 2012 complete with HD visuals, trophy support, achievements and bonus content. Have a look below for some early screenshots and some side by side comparison shots.


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Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Inbound?

Speculation today that Kingdom Hearts may be receiving the HD overhaul which is proving to be the in thing to do these days. Talking to Tetsuya Nomura, the series’ producer, mentioned how it was difficult attracting new fans and gamers to the KH fold as the game were pretty much released on last gen systems and therefore not striking a chord with the current generation of gamers raised on HD graphics. Nomura san also mentioned that Square Enix may be thinking about a “HD technical test”  just to test the waters.

Either way, all the KH games in Hi Def? Where do I sign up??

Thanks to Video Games Blogger.

Silent Hill to Receive HD

And the HD hits just keep on coming…following on from reported news yesterday of Resident Evil receiving the Hi-Def treatment, today I hear of another franchise receiving some HD loving as well. And yet, another survival horror franchise, because it wasn’t scary enough in normal definition, Silent Hill will be receiving a re-release in the form of the Silent Hill Collection. Konami have announced that both Silent Hill 2 and 3 will be included in the pack but with upgraded, more in your face visuals.

As far as it goes now, it’s only confirmed as being a PS3 exclusive with no word if it’ll also be making an appearance on the Xbox 360 but producer,  Tom Hulett, had this to say to Joystiq, “It’s always been a primarily Sony platform series. So, right now we’re just aiming at a Sony exclusive, which isn’t to say [that] in the future it won’t be available anywhere else, but right now it’s a Sony exclusive.

Keep your eyes peeled for this collection coming in September for your gaming library 🙂

Popular Franchise Receives HD

A new announcement at Comic-Con today announcing that yet another franchise will be receiving the HD reboot treatment. We’ve already known for a while that both Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and and Metal Gear are receiving the treatment, well yesterday Capcom announced that both Code Veronica and RE4 are receiving the HD upgrade. Both games are equally deserving, none more so than RE4, for those naysayers who felt that the Gamecube and the Wii versions didn’t do it justice. RE4HD hits the States on September 20th while Code Veronica will follow up on the 27th, just a week later. Both games will be available in stores or through download for both the PSN and Xbox Live Games On Demand.

RE4 in HD?? This should be what the game should have been in the first place. Will Japandaman get this on Day One? Hmm…what do you think? 🙂