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Puma X Hello Kitty Collaboration

Regular readers of Japandaman.com will know that if it’s one thing we love here are the many and varied collaborations with different brands that constantly spring up in Japan. And this new one looks particularly awesome, it’s a joint venture between sneaker manufacturer, Puma and everyone’s favourite feline, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

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Hello Kitty And Friends X Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden has its 15th anniversary coming up (already?!) and to mark the event, they’ve joined forces with Sanrio to put out a really cute clear file which is being distributed by Ultra Jump magazine. It looks a little something like this:

Not sure who’s on the clear file, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Kuromi as Suiginto
  2. Pompompurin as Kanaria
  3. Little Twin Stars as Suiseiseki (Desu!) and Souseiseki
  4. Hello Kitty as Shinku
  5. My Melody as Hinaichigo
  6. Cinnamoroll as Kirakisho

Ultra Jump magazine will also have Rozen Maiden 0 on its front cover for the September edition.

Nintendo x Sanrio Hello Kitty 3DS

I’m very late on this one but I thought it was still worth writing about because it’s so damn cute! Here’s an awesome new collaboration between Nintendo and makers of Hello Kitty, Sanrio. This stunningly cute 3DS looks set to release in Japan (of course) on November 28, 2015.

hk 3ds

The amazing piece of hardware will set you back ¥17,000, that nabs you the Hello Kitty 3DS model, cover faceplates with custom art, charger, 4GB memory card and Hello Kitty software pre-installed. If you already have a new 3DS, you can pick up the Hello Kitty faceplates for ¥2,000.

Source: Crunchyroll

A Peek Into Shibuya’s Hello Kitty Store

That kawaii feline, Hello Kitty, pops up everywhere in Japan, there’s no escaping her. Now we see that she has a new appearance to add to her belt.


The Hello Kitty cafe located in the PARCO department store in Shibuya recently opened with some very unique foods and snacks on offer. Check out the gallery below to see  a sample of what’s on offer.

If you’re in Japan in will be around that time, then be quick as the pop up cafe will only be open until December 25, 2014!

Hello Kitty Giant Robot Chogokin Anniversary Video

We ran a post the other day regarding the 40th anniversary of the famous feline, Hello Kitty. However it’s also the 40th anniversary of chogokin line of mecha figures this year. So why not join the two and release a special Hello Kitty robot figure?


The figure will be released in June this year and will sell for ¥4,400 and comes with some great features. The model will come with an eye changer, fists with firing action, a bow that can be removed and stored under her feet and a clear cockpit with a Hello Kitty head inside.


To mark the occasion, Bandai have released a promo clip for the figure with special guest narrating in the form of Serina who happens to be an idol from SDN48’s 1st Generation.

Hello Kitty Turns 40

Can you believe that Japan’s favourite feline turns 40 this year? So for such an important event, the Japanese have decided to celebrate the occasion.

hk 40
Can you believe she’s 40 already?

Specifically at Tokyo train station, there is an anniversary section dedicated to the popular neko. Hello Kitty goods are on offer and other kawaii items as well. The celebration started this Monday past at the First Avenue Tokyo Station which is a dining/shopping area running over two floors.

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Hello Kitty Shoes, Very Kawaii

Not content with already having tons of cuteness overload in Japan now ladies have something else to add to their wardrobe. Hello Kitty shoes have been made in conjunction with Randa, a very popular shoe brand in Japan.

hello kitty shoes 1


Available in both slip ons and high heels, there’s something to match every outfit and fashion attire.

6,990 yen. Embroidered with red and white available.
6,990 yen. Embroidered with red and white available.
7,490 yen. Hello Kitty pumps. How awesome are these??
7,490 yen. Hello Kitty pumps. How awesome are these??
Accessorise with some bobby socks. The kawaii has been dropped.
Accessorise with some bobby socks. The kawaii has been dropped.

Sanrio Character Elections Get Ready For 2013

Every year around this time, Sanrio hold their annual election to determine who is the favourite character out of Hello Kitty and company.

sanrio ranking

The characters will all be making their presentation speech at the Nico Nico Kaigi event which will take place between April 27-28th right before the launch of the poll opening on May 1st. To give the proceeding a start, Endo Generation, a co-ed group known for doing covers of Girls’ Generation songs, performed a dance routine.

sanrio ranking 2