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Hello Kitty Blasts Into Space

An enterprising group of seventh graders in the US, led by Melody Green, had a school project to study the effects of temperature and air pressure.

They decided the best way to do this would be to launch a weather balloon with four Go Pro cameras, a styrofoam container and a whole bunch of monitoring and recording equipment. Oh yeah, and a Hello Kitty doll that Melody’s father had brought her back from a trip to Japan.

space hello kitty


The home made rocket made it just over 40km into the atmosphere into a part known as the tropopause. Check out the video below for the entire journey from take-off to landing. And just FYI, Hello Kitty ended up landing 75km from where she took off.

Hello Kitty Joins Thanksgiving Parade

Hello Kitty is about to add a new event to her already busy roster. Kitty chan will be taking part in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the United States.

Apparently the makers of the float experienced some issues when making Kitty chan’s red bow but that was overcome. She’ll be joining another popular Japanese icon in the parade from the world of Pokemon, Pikachu.

Sonic Hello Kitty Is Born

Hello Kitty’s parent company, Sanrio, has teamed up with Sega to produce one of the cutest collaborations ever seen. What you see below is the first fruit of their labour, Sonic Hello Kitty, cute no? There are actually a few of these planned between these two giants and this Sonic x Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plushy will be available in late July.

The plushy will be available at Sega’s amusement facilities which can be found all across Japan and the reason for this in the first place is to commemorate the opening of Sega’s Tokyo Joyopolis facility on July 14.

Sega has also gone on record stating that this new temporary partnership will run worldwide starting in the Summer of 2013.

Sonic Hello Kitty get!

Tour Of The Hello Kitty Jet Plane

Taiwan’s EVA airlines has produced an amazing commercial airliner completely themed and decked out with a Hello Kitty flavour. Not just one but three jets with different feelings of love to spread, first there’s the ‘Apple Jet’ which shows off Kitty’s love of all things fruity and gets around Seoul and Fukuoka. The ‘Magic Jet’ shares the message of love couple with friendship and makes Sapporo and Guam home. And lastly, the ‘World Jet’ is all about the earth coming together and services Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Have a flick through the gallery below, it’s too much cuteness!

[AFG_gallery id=’50’]

Hello Kitty Shaved Into 50 Year Old Head

A man from Taiwan has given his octogenarian father a bit of a boost recently by getting Hello Kitty shaved into the back of his head. Hu Han-yan, a 50-year-old Taiwanese man who happens to be an engineering firm president, thought that his father, Hu Peng-fei looked a bit down and out during Winter recently.

Banking on the fact that everyone loves the Sanrio feline, Hu had Kitty shaved into the back of his head and yes, the elder Hu admitted that it did put a smile on his face.

Check out the clip below to see it all unfold.

Hello Kitty Dental Clinic Opens Up In Japan

From the wonderful land that is Japan comes a new take on a, for some, unpleasant life requirement…the dentist visit. Well now, the visit is that little bit easier in the Koto ward of Japan with the opening of the first Hello Kitty dental clinic called the ‘Hearts Dental Clinic’.

The brainwave comes from the resident dentist who knows that the dentist isn’t a nice place for a lot of people hence why he’s using a unique and different approach. The inside walls are adorned with either pink or white wallpaper with a Hello Kitty theme throughout.





If you’re in the area, go past and check it out!

Hello Kitty Gets Street

I earlier mentioned the collaboration between Hello Kitty and J-Pop powerhouse, AKB48, today I can report of yet another Kitty hookup. Ready for this one? Hello Kitty meets Street Fighter! Hello Kitty’s owner, Sanrio, and Capcom have revealed at Comic-Con that they’ve just signed a partnership that will result in Hello Kitty/Streetfighter hybrids. What this means exactly is you’ll be able to buy plushies of Hello Kitty wearing some of the most popular Streetfighter outfits.

Joshua Izzo, Director of Licensing, Capcom Entertainment, Inc., had this to add, “Capcom has long admired Sanrio and their ability to create memorable and cherished lifestyle brands so it is a distinct pleasure to partner with them for this new cross-over line of merchandise, the combination of Street Fighter and Hello Kitty will offer fans a whole new way to experience our characters.”

“We are always looking for new ways to surprise our fans and partnering with a strong brand-focused company such as Capcom is a natural fit for us,” said Jill Koch, Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing, Sanrio, Inc. “Hello Kitty and Street Fighter have a dedicated core following around the world and our collaboration brings the legacy of both brands together in a fun and unexpected way.”

No pics or dates of release as yet but can anyone else picture Hello Kitty wearing Chun Li’s or Cammy’s outfit? Yes please!

Hello Kitty Meets AKB48

In yet another crossover that could only come from the hallowed land we all love, today we have news that the popular feline, Hello Kitty, has joined forces with J-Pop singing powerhouse AKB48 to create the Hello Kitty x AKB48 collaboration in Japan. What this has resulted in are products bearing both Kitty-Chan with the AKB48 logo on mini towelettes, memo’s, notepads and clear files. They’ll be available in different prices ranging from ¥300 – ¥400, different colour schemes and in A, K or B variations which will be visible on Kitty’s hairband. Is there anything this kitty can’t do? 🙂


Hello Kitty Crystals anyone?

The house of crystals, that is Swarovski, has announced a collaboration with Hello Kitty to produce the House of Hello Kitty. The event was recently unveiled in Omotesando Hills in Tokyo where the Hello Kitty collection was on display. There were no less than 5 booths filled with the House of Kitty collection including the piece seen above which has a staggering 19, 636 crystals applied by hand. This particular piece is strictly limited to 88 pieces globally and can be yours for the measly sum of $US14, 800…pocket change, really? The collection was also accessible by users interacting with a hologram 3D display where the person could change what they were looking at by waving their hand, this also enabled them to zoom in and out for a closer look, that’s nifty 🙂

The exhibition also had a popular UFO catcher machine where lucky players could win a Swarovski necklace decorated with a Hello Kitty figure with the money generated being donated to help people still struggling with their efforts in rebuilding their lives after the tsunami 🙁 Later on this year around August, the collection will also be made available via Swarovski’s many retail stores.

PS. There is a store in Melbourne close to the corner of Elizabeth and Collins St. I might swing past during August and see if they’re in the window and grab some pics 🙂

Credit: Akihabara News for the use of the pic 🙂

Cool Japanese USB wifi dongles

These very cute and adorable USB wifi N dongles, which are both pc and Mac friendly, will only be sold in Japan, why is beyond me. Featuring characters from fan favourites Evangelion, One Piece, Rilakkuma and everyone’s favourite feline, Hello Kitty. These are subject to a limited time only but anyone visiting Japan now or very soon can pick up one of these collectables for ¥3,150.