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Crypton show new Vocaloid Kamui, maybe?

Crypton Future Media are the creator behind some very popular Vocaloid stars, not least among them, Hatsune Miku. They recently took the covers off a new star to join their stable whose purpose is to promote Crypton’s home area of Hokkaido.

The new Vocaloid in the making is called Kamui Kitano and her purpose will be to promote the area’s promotions and products. Like all good characters, she also has a back story to go along with her. She currently works for an ailing company, with a CEO in poor health,  in a dire financial situation while she yearns to perform at the Sapporo Dome Arena.

You can help her realise her dream with the aid of social media by giving her a Like. If there’s enough interest, Crypton will follow through and make her a full Vocaloid to join the others. She needs 30,000 Likes and as of writing this article, she only had just over 2,200, so spread the word and get Liking! Her chance to become a Vocaloid finishes on October 31st.

Illustration Contest Entries For Snow Miku 2013

The Snow Miku festival has kicked off in Hokkaido and Crypton Future Media in conjunction with the Hokkaido office held an illustration contest for Vocaloid submissions.

This year the theme was the Hokkaido Winter while incorporating the Vocaloid characters. All were allowed to be used from Kagamine Rin/Len, Kaito, Megurine Luka, Meiko and of course, Hatsune Miku (or Snow Miku). The lucky winners have had their winning entries displayed on the Hokkaido official site January 24th to February 28th. However if you are unable to attend the office to see the entries, there are two videos below that show off all the entries in the competition.

Yuki Akari Miku-chan
“Yuki Akari Miku-chan” by Amaoto was the 1st winner!

Snow Miku Collapses At Sapporo Snow Festival

I reported yesterday of the amazing snow and ice sculptures at the annual Sapporo Snow Festival and highlighted the amazing Snow Miku sculpture. Well, it had barely been up for 24 hours and now Snow Miku is no more. Reports have come in that the oversized head seemed to be heavy and it collapsed on itself injuring an elderly lady in the process.

Before Shot:


The woman was lucky enough that she didn’t sustain any major injuries but still an ambulance was called to cart her off to the hospital where she was later discharged with a clean bill of health apart from a sore back.

After Shot:


I’d say she was extremely lucky, can you imaging the headlines, “DEATH FROM ABOVE FROM MIKU”.

And now, a video report: 

The statue will be remade by Crypton Media and moved to a different location. The works will be completed by the 11th February. Hatsune will live on 🙂


Anime Snow Sculptures In Sapporo

The annual snow festival kicked off today in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan which features ice and snow sculptures. Amongst the 222 figures you’ll be able to find some great ones, including Luffy from One Piece, Snow Hatsune Miku, Doraemon, Chopper and stacks more.

The sculptures are the creation of some of the companies that own the rights but some others have been created by fans, residents of Sapporo, school children and even the US Navy chipped in.

Here’s a small tour of some of the amazing works of art, more can be found at the bottom of the post at the official site link.


[AFG_gallery id=’49’]


Sapporo Snow Festival Official Site

Snowy Hatsune Miku On Postage Stamps

In Hokkaido, Japan, the local postal office has issued a gorgeous sheet of beautiful Hatsune Miku stamps set amongst the snowy backdrop of a Japanese winter. These amazing sheets of stamps went on sale yesterday, the 25th of January, and feature a unique frame stamp of “Yuki Miku (Snow Miku)” with the extremely popular Vocaloid idol wearing a snowy outfit.



The stamp sheets are limited with a run of 10,000 which went on sale at four major postal outlets in Hokkaido. A ten sheet of ¥80 stamps will set the collector back ¥1, 200, not bad considering it’s a limited run.


L-R: Saki Fujita (Hatsune Miku), Asami Shimoda (Kagamine Rin and Len)


The voice actress who provides the voice of Hatsune Miku, Saki Fujita, will be in attendance at the unveiling of the Miku stamp at a post office in Sapporo on February 11. During the day, she will also be acting as the postmaster for the venue.