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Dragon Ball Creator Says “Hollywood’s Dragon Ball Sucked”

Dragon Ball is a much loved anime and manga with thousands of followers around the world. And now on the cusp of the first Dragon Ball animated movie in over a decade, the creator or mangaka of the series, Akira Toriyama, has come forward to say what he thought of the Hollywood adaptation.

dragon ball evolution

To say he was less than impressed is doing it justice when what he had to say during a press interview about the upcoming movie was, “With the Hollywood live action version, the script didn’t contain much evidence of the distinctive Dragon Ball world, and wasn’t even that interesting, and despite me warning them and suggesting changes they were so sure of themselves that they ignored me.

What they came out with in the end was a movie I can’t really call on par with the usual Dragon Ball.”

Interestingly enough, prior to the release of the movie, he believed in “the super talent of the production staff and actors” and went one further to add, “thanks to their power this may become a major masterpiece!” Since then though, he’s been pretty reserved about it.

If you haven’t seen it as yet, here’s the Japanese trailer to entice you.

Robotech Live Action Director Announced

And Hollywood keeps cranking out anime films into the mainstream with the news that classic anime, Robotech, is to be made into a live action movie.


Warner Bros. studio, who’s in charge of the production, have also selected the person who will helm the action in the director’s seat. Nic Mathieu has been chosen director of this feature film and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be thinking who? Well, it seems that Nic can be usually found directing commercials and this film will mark his directorial debut into the movie arena.

Going from commercials to movies, they’re similar, right? If McG can make the transition with some success, we’ll hold reservation and judgement until we can see some snippets of footage. Hopefully this won’t turn out to be a disaster.

Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Is Greenlit

Hollywood is once again jumping into the ‘game turned into movie’ arena with the reveal that cult classic game, Shadow of the Colossus, is being made into a blockbuster.


Its been confirmed that director of kids with super powers movie, Chronicles, Josh Trank is on board as is Seth Lochhead, one of the co-writers responsible for the explosive hit, Hanna. The project has been on the books since 2009 with Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li), penning an early version of the script.

The film will follow the plot of the game with young adventurer, Wander, with his faithful steed, Argo, traversing the land in his bid to take down 16 Colossi in his efforts to resurrect a young girl called Mono. Production duties have fallen to Kevin Misher with Andy Berman and Kevin Chang from Misher Films looking over proceedings.

Colossus To Be A Live Action Movie

So, Hollywood not content with almost making a classic anime into a wreck of a movie, Akira, (thank God that fell through), it now appears that they have their sights firmly set on a classic game to make the transition to the silver screen.

That game being, Shadow of the Colossus, which along with Ico is loved by many gamers across the globe. Sony Pictures have been given the green light to start the ball rolling on this movie. The director has been named as Josh Trank, the man behind the recent Chronicle.

Now in all honesty, I haven’t Chronicle and while the trailer looked awesome, I’ve heard less than stellar reviews about it from friends and critics. You would imaging that Sony Computer Entertainment would recognise that Colossus is a fan favourite and give the movie every chance it deserves. Instead they sign a director who’s last movie didn’t set the box alight?

Hmm…anyone else see a problem with this?

Akira To Receive Live Action Treatment

Breaking news out of Hollywood that the long rumoured live action version of anime classic, to say the least, Akira has finally been greenlit and will be going ahead. Warner Bros., is the studio tasked with bringing Katsushiro Otomo’s cyber punk tale to life with Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, handling the producing duties.

Trade magazine, Variety, posted this in a recent edition, “Set in New Manhattan, the cyberpunk sci-fi epic follows the leader of a biker gang who must save his friend, discovered with potentially destructive psychokinetic abilities, from government medical experiments.”

The project is now on its second director with the original director, Albert Hughes, leaving due to “creative differences”. New director, Jaume Collett-Serra, has previously tackled Unknown, House of Wax and Orphan. The film has a budget of $90 million and will have a development team helmed by Andrew Lazar, who has recently worked on Jonah Hex, Get Smart and Space Cowboys.

No news on who will be acting or taking any of the roles but we can only hope that that Hollywood doesn’t take a classic and not do honour to the source material. We have our fingers crossed!