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Premium Edition For Persona 4 Golden

Atlus have taken the covers off some more bundled goodness for Vita owners waiting to snap up Persona 4 Golden. Not just content to sit on their laurels after releasing a limited edition skin for the Vita, today we hear that there will also be a really cool Premium Edition bundle for gamers.

The Premium Bundle will be strictly limited to 10,000 units and will ship with the game, stickers, the protective skin a Hori case and a plastic shell to pop your Vita into.

And it looks something like the pic below.

Dead Or Alive Arcade Stick Coming To Japan

Hori is without a doubt one of the premier makers of third party hardware for handhelds, consoles and more, as long as it’s gaming related. With this new product they continue to show the world why they’re one of the best in the game.

Their new product bound for Japan is a Dead or Alive fighting stick, with Sanwa taking care of the buttons and levers while the artwork itself will feature a unique DOA5 design. The arcade stick will work with both Xbox 360 and PS3 while the auto fire features will contain three levels of selection.

Like all the great things however, this product has only been confirmed for Japan with no news of a Western release but if you’re in Japan and have the coin, you can pick up this stick, along with the game, on September 27 for ¥14,800

Fluffy Disney Hori 3DS Cases

If you’re looking for a new and original way to protect and transport your 3DS around in a cutesy way, well then look no further.

Disney have released these Disney themed fluffy cases/pouches on their website ready to be snapped up by 3DS owners.

You can choose between Mickey, Minnie, Stitch or the lovable aliens from Toy Story. They seem to be quite functional with a couple of slots inside and different sleeves to store items.


[AFG_gallery id=’111′]

If fluffy and cute is your thing, then I think your search is over.

Persona 4 Arcade Stick

3rd party manufacturer, Hori, has another accessory up their sleeves which is sure to be a fan favourite. Persona 4 Arena readying for release on July 26 for the PS3 will see this arcade stick for release from your favourite importer on the same day.

The stick has a colourful yellow decal applied to it which makes is standout from the other arcade sticks on the market so be sure to pick it up.

This is one way to show your fan colours for the Persona series.

Hatsune Miku 3DS Skins For Pre-Order

Think it’s unfair that you’re a Hatsune Miku and that the Earth has a better chance of falling into the sun than the latest Hatsune Miku 3DS title being localised and released outside of Japan?

Well, 3rd party manufacturer Hori feels your pain and have decided to release some Hatsune Miku themed skins for your 3DS which are available now as a pre-order from favourite importer, Play Asia.




I have a Play Asia voucher to use just burning a hole in my pocket, I think I can hear the pre-order calling me now…

Play Asia Pre-order Link – Hatsune Miku 3DS skin

Hori Shows Off PS Vita Accessories

Popular 3rd party manufacturer, Hori,has shown of their range of accessories for the PS Vita. Ranging from ‘Tough Pouch’ cases, five different screen protectors, ‘Hard Pouch’ cases, the Silicone Jacket, the TPU Protect Cover which guards the area around the back and the sides, a Protect Frame which is essentially a hard case version of the Silicone Cover, a Protect Case which features a flip screen over a see through case and the Face Cover which is a flip up cover to protect the front screen. Pic of all these are below.



Also on offer but not shown are four different colours for the card cases which will also be available in 3 different capacities, wrist straps, earphones and a ‘designed for PS Vita’ cleaning cloth.

Phew, that’s a lot of accessories and no doubt just the start of the 3rd party offerings.

UPDATE! Check out these new covers from Gametech as part of their +Palette range…they look sweet!