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Gantz: O Actress & Gravure Idol Team Up For Cosplay Shoot

Just ahead of the launch for the 3DCG movie Gantz: O, Japanese publication Young Jump issue 46 have released the fruits of a recent cosplay photoshoot. The shoot was with M.A.O. who’s the voice of Anzu Yamazaki and Ayana Takeda, a gravure idol, who features in the trademark black suits as seen in the series.

Ayana Takeda
Jump magazine cover


AKB48 Idol About To Release Solo Single

Watanabe Mayu, from Japanese super girl group AKB48, will be releasing her new solo single in July. Currently the song doesn’t have a title or a firm release date but this will mark her 4th solo release.


She went so far as to hold a competition called “Anata no Illust ga Shinkyoku no Jacket ni Nari Mayuyu (lit. ‘Your illustration will be the cover jacket for the new song’)”. This incentive was run through the illustration sharing site, “pixiv“. The person lucky enough to be chosen as the winner will have their artwork displayed as the single cover for one of the many different flavours the single will come out with.

You can apply on “pixiv“ from April 26 through to May 16.

Hatsune Miku Appreciation Festival

And from the pages of, ‘only in Japan’, comes the news that Hatsune Miku will be receiving her very own appreciation festival in Japan. The event is called the Miku Day Appreciation Festival and will run from March 8 to March 9 rejoicing in all things related to the Vocaloid idol.

Sega shared the main visual for the event, a new and unique drawing from Kei. Check it below.


The event is to be held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, while the first day will be host to the Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 event. The second day will hold the Hatsune Miku concert event and both days will have afternoon and night sessions. Each show will set you back ¥6,300. For those who are new to the whole Hatsune Miku phenomenon, here’s a clip below of the virtual idol in action.

CV01 Hatsune Miku – World is Mine Live in Tokyo, Japan – 1080p HD

More info can be found at the official site by clicking the image below.

AKB48 Idol Continues Testing FFXIII-2

As reported earlier, Yuko Oshima from J-pop super girl group AKB48, has been selected as a beta tester for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The first clip below shows some footage from the game featuring Noel running through a cool Autumn setting while the second clip shows the conclusion to a battle. The footage looks as good as expected while the videos themselves seem to be tv spots to promote the game, check them out below.