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Nintendo Direct Update – Lost Hero Info & Trailer

I mentioned earlier in a post that a long forgotten franchise, Lost Hero, was making a comeback via the 3DS as revealed by Nintendo during their recent Nintendo Direct conference. I can now show some pics and a trailer courtesy of Famitsu. I’m not that familiar with the source material but it looks pretty sweet for the 3DS!

[AFG_gallery id=’22’]

And a bonus trailer which show off the amazing gameplay!

Lost Hero trailer (3DS)

Square Enix Release New Bravely Default Images

New images and clips have been released for Square Enix’s 3DS bound RPG, Bravely Default Flying Fairy. A couple of images are below but you can check out the clips at the official site. When you go there, just click on “Gallery” to discover the image library and the new clips. It’s worth the visit, it’s looking to be one unique game with amazing visuals.