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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes iDROID Style iPhone Case

Now here’s an iPhone case based on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes that’s absolutely out of control. Put out by Sentinel who have been busy of late with their AoT sword iPhone case, an Attack on Titan Levi statue and the RIOBOT mecha series. Now they’re turning their focus onto a new case for the iPhone 5 that is sure to stand you out from the crowd.

idroid 1


The case will set you back ¥8, 100 when it releases later this year in October. Here’s a list of what the case can do:

1: ON/OFF Switch

  By pressing the topside ON/OFF button, you can Power/OFF or Sleep/Wake your iPhone.

2: Volume Control

  By pushing the stick on the side up & down, you can control the volume on your iPhone.

3: Camera Cover

 iDROID’s camera cover can be flipped open easily when using the camera on your iPhone.

4: Stylus Pen

  The antenna of the iDROID can be detached to and used as a Stylus pen to maneuver through your iPhone’s touchscreen.

5: LED Light

  By sliding the orange PTT switch on the side, the front lens of the iDROID lights up. The lens itself can be pointed in different directions.

6: Ring/Silent Switch

  The outer switch on the topside is used to switch the iPhone between Ring & Silent modes.

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These Iphone Cases Look Good Enough To Eat!

People love to decorate their mobile phones in many ways. The first can be to hang charms or mobile straps of which there are many. The other way is to slip it into a case which protects it and gives it its own unique personality. These next cases will have most people drooling and salivating because they look amazing and real.

strawberry iphone case
The drool factor is high!

These amazing looking cases from Japan have all sorts of artificial food decorating them, from yummy sweet treats to more traditional food such as sushi. Check out the gallery below, no one would blame you if you accidentally tried to eat one of these!

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Gundam Cases For Iphone Incoming

Owners of iPhone’s who also happen to be Gundam fans will soon be able to show their allegiance while protecting their phone at the same time. Bandai have taken the covers off of some very nifty looking cases made from silicone and carrying different 3D suits and other related images from the series. The cases will be able to be used on the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S.

gundam case2

Each case will retail ¥2,625 and can be picked up from Bandai’s official online store, KIWAMONOWEB. The cases will release in February 2014 and will be a strictly limited stock so you might want to check it out and see if you can snag yourself one before they all sell out.

gundam case

Racing Miku smartphone cases hit Japan

Smartphone cases are huge business in Japan. Anyone who’s been to Japan will be hard pressed to find a phone, naked in its owner’s hand. Something else that’s huge business in Japan is the blue haired vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, so it just made sense to combine the two and release some funky smartphone cases.

Good Smile Racing from the world of Super GT joined forces with Phocase, a phone accessory maker, to create cases with the team mascot, Racing Miku. The cases are for the iPhone 4 and 5 and will feature a newly launched version of Racing Miku for 2013 while the other artwork features Miku with a design based on the Sepang International Circuit. Android users needn’t feel left out with the news that an Android version with the Good Smile Racing logo on it will also be released.

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The case for Android devices can be picked up from the Phocase online store for ¥3,500 while the iPhone case can be picked up from the Good Smile online shop and Nico Douga web store Nico Nico Chokuhan for ¥2,980. These are limited with the Racing Miku case available until December 31st while the Sepang case will sell until August 17th.

Titan app takes over Akihabara

The Attack on Titan is a popular manga which has been doing the rounds in Japan for over a year now and recently made the transition to anime which debuted in April, 2013. There is also a Titan iPhone app which received an overhaul to coincide with the release of the anime.

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The app allows you to overlay images from the series into your surroundings so this past weekend saw an Otaku bring it to the holy land of Akihabara. Harmless havoc was unleashed judging by the pictures in the gallery.

Nintendo Release Official Iphone Cases

Nintendo have released some amazingly cool iPhone cases during E3 which look amazing and will see Nintendo fanboys/girls scrambling to snap these onto their phones.

Zelda, Super Mario and Mario Kart 7 cases have been released so far and fans of Mickey Mouse waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3D or Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion on the 3DS, should also check out the case featuring everyone’s favourite mouse. It looks great!

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Tekken Bowl For Free on iOS

Namco Bandai have given an early Xmas gift in the form of Tekken Bowl for your iPhone/iPad, that quirky mini game which was packaged in with a recent Tekken game. You can choose from Panda, Jin and Xiaoyu, line them up, choose the shot and the power and then let ‘er rip! It’s a fun game that will pass the time and did I mention it’s free?!?

You’ll get to play a standard 10 round game of bowling as well as multiplayer (2 players) on one device and a devilishly tricky mode that plays like a puzzle by adding obstacles to the lane and a predetermined number of balls to get through with. Check the video below for an example of gameplay and then head on over to the iTunes Store to download this freebie!

Nendoroids For iOS

Everyone know that Good Smile Company crank out absolutely lovable and desirable Nendoroid figures, anime and game characters with the inflated head and exaggerated features. Ever wondered how you’d like to have them all but tracking all of them down is so damn difficult, depending where you live, not to mention pricey? Well now there’s a way you can catch ’em all via an iphone app that Good Smile Company have developed. Called Nendoroid Planet, you’ll take part in a game called “Nendoroid Defence” through which you will gain “Nendoroid Medals.” These medals can then be used in the app at “Nendoroid Vendor” where you’ll be exchanging them for different items with hopefully a Nendoroid 3D model or two thrown in a reward for doing well. The app does have some very cutesy graphics and music, much what you’d expect from a Japanese product, and while it isn’t in English, I was able to make some progress without knowing entirely what was going on!

You can download the app here from the iTunes Store, but as mentioned earlier, unfortunately it is all in Japanese 🙁 For those of you lucky enough to be able to read Japanese, you can find out more from the official site here. In either case, it’s great to see some authentic Japanese apps being made available in the app store, now I wonder how long before they start porting some J-Pop over to the AUS store?