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World Cosplay Summit Shows Off Itasha Cars

The World Cosplay Summit, held annually in Nagoya, is a chance for some of the world’s best cosplayers to get together, represent their respective countries and make some great friends along the way. One of the other attractions however are the itasha cars that show up at the event. Itasha is the practice of covering your car in decals with your favourite anime, manga or video game characters. It’s always a head turning experience when you see one in Japan and having them at WCS is no exception.

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It’s not for everyone…but Japandaman loves it and wants to do this to his car!!

Snowboards Go Itasha

Itasha is the practice of decorating your car in decals with anime, manga or game characters but normally anime characters. There’s even an Itasha festival in Japan where everyone shows off their cars and admire each other’s handy work. The practice has spread to snowboards in what’s being called Itaboards and now that it’s Winter in Japan, they’re all hitting the snowfields.

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Over 300 Itaboarders turned up at this latest meet in Japan. Can you spot any of your anime favourites in there?


Itagasa umbrellas, Oreimo, K-On! plus more

Itasha is the act of covering your car in decals normally of your favourite anime. manga or gaming characters. It can be done to cars, motorbikes and normal everyday bicycles.

Now there’s a new addition to the itasha range in the form of umbrellas, or as the umbrella version is called, itagasa. This has been put together by manufacturer, seasonal-plant, and includes artwork from movies SUPERSONICO, K-On! and Oreimo. These were shown at Wonder Festival recently to a positive reaction from fans and the public.

Pre-orders have begun on the their official site, you can check out more info here  and check out the gallery below for the range of itagasa.

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Itasha & Race Queens in Malaysia

The act of covering your car with your favourite anime, manga, gaming or any other character in Japan is known as Itasha and while it isn’t common on the streets of Tokyo, it is in the world of race cars.

This was never more obvious in Malaysia a couple of weekends ago for the SuperGT 3, which for racing fans, is the only SuperGT race that’s held overseas. As well as many Itasha cars being present, there were also grid girls or as they’re also known, Race Queens.

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Thanks to AFA for the kind use of their images, to see more hit up their Flickr page.

Source: AFA site

Nico Nico Chokaigi 2013 Part 3: Hatsune Miku Special

We take another look today at another aspect of the Nico Nico Chokaigi held on the weekend. We’ve seen cosplayers and itasha that were on display and now it’s another Japanese cultural phenomenon. The most popular Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. Let’s not forget that  Hatsune made her first big impact at Nico Nico Douga so it only makes sense that she have a large presence at the show.

Quite a few companies were using Hatsune to promote their products while just as many others were selling her goods at their booths. There were also heaps of itasha decked with Miku at the “ItaG Fest Shucchou-hen in Nico Nico Chokaigi 2.”

*all the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu

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Part 1: cosplayers

Part 2: itasha

Nico Nico Chokaigi 2013 Part 2: Itasha Collection

Continuing our coverage on this year’s Nico Nico Chokaigi conference, this time we take a look at the all the “itasha” which was on display. Itasha is the practice of covering your car, motorbike, push bike or anything with wheels, in decals featuring anime, manga or gaming characters.

One of the extremely popular sections at the conference was the “ItaG Fest Shucchou-hen in Nico Nico Chokaigi 2, which saw in excess of 60 cars and other assorted vehicles on wheels.

*all the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the Itasha owners’ permission

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Not everyone’s cup of tea but Japandaman HQ are huge fans of itasha even though some people may think it looks “rice”, the cars look unique and show the owner’s passion.

Part 1: cosplayers

Part 3: Hatsune Miku

Ridge Racer Itasha Coming To Vita

Namco Bandai have announced that fans of The Idolmaster and itasha will be pleased to hear that these two will be joining forces for Ridge Racer on Vita.

For those in the dark about itasha, this is the act of covering your car with decals from anime, manga or video game characters made popular in Japan where they a festival dedicated to this art.

There will be thirteen “EX Color” cars made available soon which are plastered with the Idolmaster girls and will sell for ¥500 each.

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Haruka and Makoto will be the first two girls featured for download on March 14 while Chihaya, Azusa and Yayoi will be made available on the 12th of April. During May, the other girls will each be able to be downloaded.

There will also be four Idolmaster music tracks during May each setting you back ¥150. ¥6,500 is what everything will set you back buying everything separately so taking this into account Namco Bandai will be offering an iM@S Pass costing ¥2,980, so it’s good value.

Below you’ll be able to see a few video promoting this crossover, enjoy.

Fiera x Haruka

Rauna x Makoto

Ridge Racer Download Content Info

Monster Hunter Felyne Itasha

Itasha is the act of covering your car in Japan with decals of your favourite anime and/or video game characters, They actually have their very own festival dedicated to it in Japan which attracts thousands of people eager to show off their cars and their handiwork.

Odaiba will be host to the Odaiba Motor Festival between November 30 through to December 11 and at the event there will be a special Itasha car plastered in Monster Hunter paraphernalia. Specifically, the felyne seen around the villages, the kitchen and the farms giving you a hand.

The Itasha car is a joint venture between Capcom and Toyota’s subcompact Ractis car.If you’re in the area, Saturday and Sunday, you can catch the felyne in action while on the 3rd Ractis mascot Rakuma will be along for the ride.

Toyota Launches Hatsune Miku Site

Following on from the post yesterday regarding the itasha Hatsune Miku cars at AX ’11, Toyota has launched a full site to advertise the 2011 Toyota Corolla collaboration with virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, complete with commercial where Hatsune has been rendered in full 3D…pretty sweet to see her in the flesh, so to speak 🙂 There’s actually heaps of You Tube clips on there where we learn that Hatsune has a fascination for bacon wrapped hotdogs? A funny clip of a 3D animator messing around with her features and a couple of clips showcasing car announcing that it’s the official car of Hatsune Miku…this shameless advertising has worked on me. Makes me want to buy one 🙁

Toyota Corolla Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku Itasha @ Anime Expo ’11

Anime Expo is over and done with for another year and easily Hatsune Miku was a massive stand out. Not just for her event closing concert which was a sellout and a massive success but for the support thrown behind her by Toyota and their itasha cars they had on display. For those in the dark, itasha is the Japanese word used to describe the art of decorating one’s car with decals of their favourite anime/manga characters or characters. The word itasha literally means pain(痛い(itai)) car(車(sha)) as just by driving the car around, people tend to believe that it’s painful to do so from all the decals making the car stand out 🙂 During AX ’11, Toyota teamed up with Hatsune Miku for their Corolla + Hatsune Miku marketing campaign with the end result being two itasha cars that looked absolutely amazing! So there were two different varieties on display consisting of a black car and a white car both plastered with Hatsune images, check the pics below, the cars are looking pretty hot if you ask me 🙂