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New Garnidelia Video Rakes In Over 1 Million Views In 1 Week

J-Pop duo, GARNiDELiA are known for their catchy, electro releases and this latest one is no exception. The latest track, “Togen Renka” features MARiA, 217 and Miume dancing up a storm with the clip on YouTube smashing through 1.6 million views in just one week.

The clip is also on Chinese video sharing site, bilibili, where it has so far garnered over 1.1 million views which equates to just over 2 million views combined. Up until this release, their biggest hit was “Gakuraku Joudo” which has over 13 million views. To see what it’s all about, here’s the video below:


This update is way overdue so sincere apologies for that, life has been quite hectic lately. Let’s ramp up the randomness with some new commercials straight from Japan thanks to YouTuber JPCMHD!

Some Y!Mobile with J-Pop thrown in, Justin Bieber? (I know), potato chips, Nintendo Switch, mobile game Lord Of Knights x Attack On Titan collaboration and heaps more! It’s so good to watch Japanese commercials again.

Babymetal Line Up Tour With Guns N’ Roses

Those damn cute trio of girls that make up J-Rock/J-Pop group, BABYMETAL, have been very hard at work in 2016. They’ve had many appearances at music festivals around the world and had numerous visits to TV shows all in the name of promotion and spreading the BABYMETAL message.

2017 looks set to be even bigger with the news that they’ve lined up a tour with hard rock legends, Guns N’ Roses.


During the Japan leg of the Gun N’ Roses tour, BABYMETAL will be the support act to get the crowd rocking and really into it. I just love how cool these posters are promoting the event, would love to see this show!!


Review – Love Live! (Anime)

Love Live! reviewed on Anime Lab.

Welcome to the colourful world of school idols, if you haven’t been exposed to this before then you’re in for a ride and a half. A rollercoaster of music, best friends, emotions, laughter and many, many tears!


Love Live! tells the story of three childhood friends, Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami and Umi Sonada. They all attend Otonokizaka High School as second year students and whose school existence becomes threatened when the school announces it’s closing due to dwindling enrolment numbers.


Honoka noticing that school idols are highly popular comes up with the idea of forming a school idol group to attract students to the school to prevent the closure. It isn’t long before her two best friends, Kotori and Umi join up with her and form a trio known as μ’s (Muse). After having a less than a successful debut and vowing to not give up and continue, the trio soon finds themselves with other students wanting to join up, harbouring their own idol dreams.


This results in the other members joining them over time and forming a nine member girl group. The other members are Eli Ayase, Rin Hoshizora, Maki Nishikino, Nozomi Tojo, Hanayo Koizumi and Nico Yazawa. The girls set their sights on entering the school idol project known as Love Live! A competition that pits schools from across Japan in a singing talent quest with a trio of girls called A-RISE riding a massive wave of popularity and success. μ’s realise that A-RISE are their biggest threat and competition despite  a few of the girls having massive fangirl feelings for them.


The anime revolves around these nine new best friends coming together despite their differences, working themselves out and sharing their experiences together. From early stumbling beginnings to a very polished unit, it’s a very entertaining ride and a joy to watch. And Eli Ayase has to be one of the best tsundere’s of recent times, this girl is absolutely adorable! From rehearsals to beach trips, family visits and various concerts in different locations, it’s great to see how μ’s learn from each other and work together. As with all great stories though, it’s not without some sadness which I won’t go into (no spoilers!) but the show ends nicely wrapping up all loose ends.


It’s presented as a 26 episode series which translates to two seasons of 13 episodes each. Even better, there’s a new show continuing the school idol experience called Love Live! Sunshine which I’m about to start watching. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this anime, more than what I thought I would. It’s filled with great characters, catchy J-Pop tunes, stunning animation scenes and beautifully rendered 3D dance scenes with a gorgeous fluidity to each scene. The dance scenes themselves are wonderfully choreographed and you can clearly see that dance consultants were used for these scenes, they’re very polished and what you would expect to see in an idol show.


If you haven’t watched it yet, I can’t highly recommend it enough for all the above reasons and more. You’ll laugh, cry, sing and dance along…I guarantee it!

Final score: 10/10

Namie Amuro Track Features In New Light up the NEW World Trailer

Seems like every other day there’s a new trailer for “Death Note Light up the NEW world” but this new trailer does also show off the theme track from J-Pop songstress, Namie Amuro and it also features new footage not seen before. I really hope this film receives a distribution in Australia. No doubt it’ll be an extremely limited release and there may be only one screening but I really want to see this, it’s looking amazing!

Japanese Commercials, Vol. 13

Time for another look at the awesomely wacky commercials from Japan courtesy of YouTuber, JPCMHD!

This time we have a great selection ranging from breakdancing Geishas, Pepsi Strong commercial with Jude Law (WTF?), Calbee snacks, J-Pop debut group Ciao Bella Cinquetti, more Softbank canine shenanigans, a lip crayon ad featuring J-Pop idol Kanna Hashimoto plus loads more. Catch all the fun below!


IA Vocaloid Coming to SMASH! 2016

SMASH! have just dropped a massive bit of news, vocaloid superstar IA will be making an appearance at this year’s event! Here’s the press release with the amazing news.


Sydney, NSW, July 29th, 2016: Get ready to party — Australia’s #1 Japanese pop-culture event has once again catapulted to world-class status (and beyond)! In an Australian first, international Vocaloid sensation, IA , will be coming to SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show to perform live at SMASH!’s 10th anniversary event on August 20th.


A virtual popstar created as part of the vocal synthesis program ‘VOCALOIDTM3’, IA is the world’s latest muse that has taken the world by storm. For many fans and creators of the industry, IA has been praised as a reliable voice-bank library in which users can create unique songs and videos. Since IA’s debut in 2011, she has has collectively garnered more than 100 million views in Japan and abroad, and her popularity will no doubt rise even further when she makes her Australian debut.

Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, this cultural collaboration between JPF Sydney and SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show marks the fourth consecutive year for both organisations. Acknowledging SMASH!’s dedication to bringing the best of Japan to Australia, JPF Sydney’s representative Jessica Chow congratulates the SMASH! team for “reaching a significant milestone”.

“The Japan Foundation, Sydney supports devoted anime fans in pursuing their passion and interests,” Chow said.

“By sponsoring special guests for conventions like SMASH!, fans will be able to meet and interact with Japanese stars, and reaffirm their love for pop culture.

IA is an ambassador for Japan’s modern culture and technology. Her debut in Australia is a great opportunity to connect with anime fans, as well as people in other fields. We look forward to seeing the new possibilities that her appearance may bring to Australia’s arts scene.”


Since her debut in Japan, IA has reached out to her international audience with many successful solo concerts in France, London, Singapore, and Taiwan. Following a string of recent successful concerts in United States including New York and Los Angeles, SMASH! President Andrew Qiu could not be more “ecstatic” about IA’s first Australian appearance.

“IA’s appearance at SMASH! 2016 solidifies the convention’s position as the #1 platform for Japanese pop-culture in Australia,” Qiu said.

“With JPF Sydney’s continuous support, it is SMASH!’s mission to bring unique talents, and deliver world-class content and entertainment every year. And what better way to celebrate SMASH!’s 10th anniversary than having superstar IA perform at our event.”

In addition to IA’s exclusive performance, she will be joined by the likes of Hachioji P and DJ Catalystic at the anniversary party. Other SMASH! 2016 guests include Japanese voice actor Hideo Ishikawa (Naruto), Japanese voice actress Ai Nonaka (Madoka Magica), and cosplayers Yuegene Fay and Goldy.

Babymetal Reacts To Youtubers Reacting To Babymetal

I love BABYMETAL, those trio of J-Metal/Pop girls are awesome and I love their sound. Some people are new to their sound and image as seen below. This is from YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment who are known for their “People Reacting To…” clips.

This clip shows Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal watching YouTubers reacting to clips of themselves. It’s really interesting to see how they perceive people who are watching them for the first time. And on top of that…it’s realy cute to watch their reactions too! Check it below.

BABYMETAL Joins Super Mario Maker

This one’s a bit old now plus I had a few people tag me on Facebook about this so yeah, I’ll write it up! I’m a fan of the J-Pop x Metal trio, BABYMETAL. If you’ve been living under a rock and never heard of them, here’s a clip of a recent hit, KARATE.

Anyways, their popularity is soaring by the day as they’ve been steadily increasing their live performances and doing shows all over Europe, Asia and the US. The latest platform they’re making an appearance on is Nintendo’s build it yourself platform game, Super Mario Maker for the Wii U…here’s a clip of a wickedly difficult level with a Japanese gamer streaming his attempt to beat it and his rapturous reaction when he does beat it.

Here’s a promo clip for the joint collaboration as well.

So basically when you complete the Metal Resistance level (also the name of their latest album), you unlock a character that’s actually a montage character of all three members, Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal. On top of that, the girls have also recorded sound sample for the game so you’ll hear them exclaim “Yosha!” (“We did it!”) when you beat a level, “We are Babymetal” when they show themselves and “Tobe!” (“Jump!”) as you jump over in-game obstacles.

babymetal smm

This recently uploaded level is available worldwide so anyone can join in the BABYMETAL fun!

Perfume Are Back With Flash

I love the J-Pop trio girl group, Perfume. I’m more into K-Pop these days but anytime Perfume have a new release, I always pay attention, like now.

This new video below is the single from a new live action adaptation of Chihayafuru, a manga created by Yuki Suetsugu.

Here’s the album art for the single sleeve which was also drawn by Yuki Suetsugu and looks absolutely amazing.

perfume flash

For those of you into importing your music, this single hits stores on March 16.