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Babymetal Line Up Tour With Guns N’ Roses

Those damn cute trio of girls that make up J-Rock/J-Pop group, BABYMETAL, have been very hard at work in 2016. They’ve had many appearances at music festivals around the world and had numerous visits to TV shows all in the name of promotion and spreading the BABYMETAL message.

2017 looks set to be even bigger with the news that they’ve lined up a tour with hard rock legends, Guns N’ Roses.


During the Japan leg of the Gun N’ Roses tour, BABYMETAL will be the support act to get the crowd rocking and really into it. I just love how cool these posters are promoting the event, would love to see this show!!


Black Butler: Book Of The Atlantic, 2nd PV Drops

Fans of cult classic anime, Black Butler, will no doubt have heard that there’s a new animated film in the works called Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic. The film will feature the Luxury Liner arc from the wildly popular manga from Yana Toboso. A second PV recently dropped which you can see below.


The theme song, “Glass no Hitomi”, is performed by SID, a J-Rock band which also features in the trailer. The film lands in Japanese cinema on January 21st, 2017 and is being animated by A-1 Pictures and sees Daisuke Ono reprising the role of Sebastian Michaelis while Maaya Sakamoto is back as Ciel Phantomhive.

Ladybeard Sells KFC in Japan

I’m not really a fan of J-Rock singer Ladybeard but his talents other than singing have been put to use lately, namely by KFC.

The theme of the viral hopeful commercial is Taressence which is a coming together of sauce or tare as it’s known. The commercial has a nostalgic retro 80’s aesthetic to it as well with wavy lines across the screen like the video tapes of yesteryear.

I’ve watched it a few times and I still can’t work it out. Have a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Babymetal Reacts To Youtubers Reacting To Babymetal

I love BABYMETAL, those trio of J-Metal/Pop girls are awesome and I love their sound. Some people are new to their sound and image as seen below. This is from YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment who are known for their “People Reacting To…” clips.

This clip shows Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal watching YouTubers reacting to clips of themselves. It’s really interesting to see how they perceive people who are watching them for the first time. And on top of that…it’s realy cute to watch their reactions too! Check it below.

Review: Metal Resistance – BABYMETAL

The Japanese female trio of Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal known as BABYMETAL are back with a new J-Rock offering for 2016, Metal Resistance. Straight off the bat, this album is amazing! I’m not one for too much rock or metal but this blend of rock, metal, pop and kawaii really hits the spot for me and BABYMETAL do it so well.

This new album is the 2nd studio album for the trio and is headlined by the lead single, “Karate”.

I won’t go over each song and pretend to be a professional music critic, which I’m not, but I’ll say as whole, the album puts out exactly what you’ve come to know about BABYMETAL. It’s loud, fast, rocking and surprisingly at times, very pop oriented and ballad-like. Coming back to the lead single, “Karate”, this is a fantastic stand out track which exemplifies exactly they’re well loved and admired by fans around the world. With their very pop vocals laid over a double drum beat, this song is non stop from start to end with a very pop middle bridge, great stuff.

There were some tracks that I found myself coming back to. The aforementioned “Karate”, “Awadama Fever” which also blend some subtle electronica into the mix, “Amore” which sounds like an anime into track, “No Rain, No Rainbow” which slows down the tempo of the album considerably and sounds more like the ED of an anime and the only English track on the album “The One” which is another track with its share of slow tempo, up beat pop and very 80’s sounding guitar riffs, awesome…loved it. Not to take anything away from the rest of the album but these are the tracks that I found myself coming back to.

This is one group that I would love to see live, this explosive sound is barely contained and would be even better on stage. This album gets 2 thumbs up!


BABYMETAL Reveal Plans For 2014 World Tour

Those kawaii metal rockers, BABYMETAL, have revealed they’re about to undertake a world tour soon in the coming months. Countries so far announced are Germany, UK and France but we’re hoping some are thrown into the mix very soon.


In what could be very interesting, the girls will be sharing the UK stage at the Sonisphere Festival with Metallica, Limp Bizkit and Alice In Chains.

baby metal tour dates

Baby Metal Burns Up The Music Charts

I’ve only been introduced to the trio known as Baby Metal by Neko (thank you!) but already I’m a convert and it seems I’m not alone. The group performs death metal tracks in a unique and catchy way which makes it easier to appeal to a more mainstream audience. It seems like they’re starting to break out of Japan with the news that their song “Gimmie Chocolate!!” has received over 2.6 million views on YouTube.


Their self titled album has landed itself on the US iTunes chart in the Metal section. They also made an impact in Canada, the UK and loads of other countries. To see what we’re talking about, here’s a clip of the ladies in action with ‘Gimme chocolate!’

Kamen Rider Girls have teaser video for new song

Kamen Rider is a hugely popular franchise in Japan but the producers still feel that the show needs to be actively promoted and one way it does this is through the power of music. Specifically the girl ensemble, Kamen Rider Girls, who are a group of young ladies wearing henshin belts performing a bit of J-Rock around Tokyo. The new clip below is to promote their new upcoming live show and their new song.

The show will be happening on the 20th of October and it’s titled “K.R.G.S. ROCK and KICKS No. 2”, at ShibuyaWWW which makes it their 2nd live show and just like the new song suggests, it will be carrying a rock theme. Pics of the girls are below, each with a Rider.

Fans speak out on favourite HYDE style

HYDE is a hugely popular singer in Japan and the fact that he’s over 40 only lends to his appeal. He fronts the rock band,  L’Arc〜en〜Ciel responsible for “Day Break’s Bell” from the Gundam OO Ending Theme. Over time he’s used many different styles from cyber punk through to a traditional bishie rocker which is evident from his many MV’s.



An official site was set up to allow the fans to have their say and let the interwebs know what they think of his top 48 styles are. The voting event was called HYDE48 which is a play on the existing AKB48 election where fans can vote for and select their favourite style. As of writing, there are nearly 15,000 votes with the voting closing on June the 9th at 22:59 so if you haven’t had your say yet, don’t miss out. You can vote more than once but the system will make you wait for 5 minutes between each vote.

If you’re a fan, click on over to the site and have a voice and see if your favourite one wins.

SCANDAL come back with “Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne” PV

J-Pop/J-Rock girl group, SCANDAL, have bounced back into the public eye with their new release called, “Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne”, which translates as “I don’t plan on seeing you; take care, okay”. The track is also being used as the theme for the new movie, “Ore wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake”.

The single marks the 15th release for SCANDAL and will be available from May 22nd in the usual regular and limited edition varieties.