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J-Stars Victory VS Model Promo

No video update for J-Stars Victory VS today instead, you can feast your peepers on this awesome model unveiled in Tokyo recently. Located outside the Parco department store in the trendy shopping district area of Shibuya, the model features Luffy and Goku duking it out amongst some serious carnage and destruction.

luffygoku 8

The game looks set to be a fan favourite with the fighting crowd on both PS3 and the PS Vita. If you’re in town, the figures will be in place until March 23rd.

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J-Stars Victory VS 5th Trailer

The trailers are practically streaming out of Namco Bandai HQ for J-Stars Victory VS, the game put together to celebrate Shonen Jump’s 45th anniversary.

J Stars scan 3

The 5 th trailer was release yesterday and like the ones before it, it’s a doozy filled with great content. Catch the clip below and don’t forget to pick up the game by whatever means necessary when it releases on March 19 for the PS3 and the PS Vita.

J-Stars Victory VS Releases New Trailers

Seems like it’s the time for new trailers for all upcoming games with Namco Bandai releasing a new one for massive fighting game, J-Stars Victory VS. The game is in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of Shonen Jump and by all accounts is shaping to be a great title with loads of action.

Here’s a few new trailers for the game which introduces players to the basics followed by some action from Himura Kenshin, Goku and Luffy.

Showing off the basics

Himura Kenshin in action!

Goku with some Dragon Ball Z action

Luffy unleashing some fists of fury!

The game hits Japan on March 19 for PS3 and PS Vita.

New Stage Updates For J-Stars Victory VS

The updates are coming thick and fast these days for eagerly anticipated brawler, J-Star Victory VS. The game is part of the anniversary proceedings from magazine Shonen Jump celebrating 45 years.

The update today is a handful of new screens showing off a couple of levels where the bouts will take place. Namco bandai posted the pics on the official site for the game. Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo is represented with the “Police Station Outskirts” stage while Gintama is equally shown off with the “Paradise” stage.

No doubt there’ll be more updates ahead of the game’s release on March 19 in Japan for the PS Vita and the Playstation 3.

New Trailer For J-Stars Victory VS

We’re loving the progress of J-Stars Victory VS which brings together a smorgasbord of characters from the Shonen Jump universe.

jstars victory

The fighting game will be hitting up on the PS3 and the PS Vita and it seems there’s new screen, info or video every other day as the launch draws nearer. This one is no exception with the clip below showing off the recently announced fighters coming together and trading some fisticuffs! There’s some Hunter x Hunter, Saint Seiya and more in there.

Are your favourites in there?