Cosplay Interviews

Interview: Alyson Tabbitha (cosplayer)

I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out out Cosplayer Of The Month, the awesomely talented Alyson Tabbitha. Alyson was also nice enough to give us some of her time for the following interview! Japandaman: When did you first discover cosplay & what inspired you to start cosplaying yourself? Alyson Tabbitha: I learnt about […]

Cosplay COTM

Cosplayer Of The Month November 2016: Alyson Tabbitha

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of Florida based cosplayer, Alyson Tabbitha. Her cosplays, workmanship, wig styling and make up skills are beyond amazing and have to be seen to believed. For more proof, just check out her Jack Sparrow and Lightning cosplays in the gallery below and while you’re […]


Some Awesome Cosplay Wizardry

There’s no other name for these following cosplay transformations from cosplayer, Alyson Tabbitha. She’s pulled off some stunning cosplays as you can see from the gif below, before and after. An amazing change from Alyson into Final Fantasy XIII’s, Lightning: Some pirate shenanigans as well: And some Edward Scissorhands too!