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Unboxing: The Last Guardian Limited Edition

I had been waiting for The Last Guardian on any Playstation platform for the longest time, I imagine like a lot other gaming fans as well. When I heard that it was finally being released this year for the PS4, I couldn’t believe it and pre-ordered the limited edition of the collector’s edition anyways. Well, I’m so glad I did as this things is absolutely stunning and totally exceeded my expectations of what I thought I was going to be receiving!

Freedom Wars Dated For Japan

One of the more exciting games we’ve been keeping a keen eye on is the upcoming Freedom Wars for the PS Vita. The game was recently given a release of June 26 so better start putting those pennies aside for launch day.

The game will be shipping minus a few extras on launch as we hear that player-versus-player mode, eight-player multiplayer, and infrastructure mode won’t be included. However, post launch, an update will be released that will open up these features. Maybe they need time to iron out some wrinkles? Who knows but if it’s going to make the game better, we’re cool with that.

Gravity Rush Breaks 100K In Japan

One of the more high profile launch games for the PS Vita was ‘Gravity Rush’ from developer, Japan Studio, and while the game is still to be released in other territories outside of its native land, in Japan the game has broken through the 100K barrier.

This figure represents units sold both physical retail and download versions. While the game sold disappointingly slow at launch shifting only 43, 462 copies and then disappearing altogether from the top 20 charts, the Director of the title, Keiichiro Toyama, is reporting via Twitter, that the game has managed to see over 100k units sold.

It is a bit worrying that one of the Vita’s most high profile games has only just managed to sell that many units despite a slow start, we’ll have to see how it sells once released in the USA, Europe and Australia.