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Episode 6 Of It’s Japan, Man! Goes Live

This update is REALLY late so apologies but we’ve been busy beavers working in the background on secret projects! But here is our labour love, episode 6 of the show that takes a look at the otaku lifestyle in Australia. The show that we call It’s Japan, Man!

Japandaman Dec13 - 015

And also of particular note is that this episode marks the end of season 1 which has been an absolute joy to make and has taught us all a lot about what goes into making and producing your own show. We’re all taking a well earned break before we start season 2 which will be bigger and better so stay tuned for news on that. And a massive kawaii, otaku thank you to all our supporters for all your feedback, it’s been great to hear and read.

Episode 5 of It’s Japan, Man! Goes Live

Hey otakus, hope you all remembered to tune in to our YouTube channel for the latest episode of It’s Japan, Man! In case you haven’t seen it or are wondering what it’s all about, this is out show where we take a look at the otaku lifestyle in Australia. There are interviews, cosplay features, gaming, anime reviews and more! You can catch it episode 5 below.

What Japandaman & Crew Want To Play @TGS

So TGS is literally less than 24 hours away, so with that in mind I thought I’d compile a small list of what the Japandaman crew are looking forward to playing and checking out.

So for me, Japandaman/Cristian, I can’t wait to get into the MGS Rising: Revengeance demo, Gyakuten Saiban 5, Monster Hunter, anything Biozhazard related, the Dragon Quest Wii U presentation, Yakuza 5 and Dead or Alive 5.

Japandawoman/Carol will be keen to see what fashions the booth girls bring to the yard at TGS so she’ll be monitoring that front.

Senior Art Editor Stephanie can’t wait to get into Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Ace Attorney), Final Fantasy xiv: A Realm Reborn (PS3 version), “It’ll be interesting to see how the reboot plays on a console, especially as I’ve never touched an MMO in my life! Naoki Yoshida has been putting heart and soul into this game and so I’ll have faith!”

Monster Hunter 4, “Although we won’t be having epic water battles any longer, I’m excited by the varied terrain height aspect they’re adding to the game and I’m loving the nomadic theme!”

And as for Rob, Japandaman’s newest photographer: Resident Evil 6 (Biohazard) “Because I’ve been a fan of the series since the very first game!”

Gyakuten Saiban 5, “Also because of Phoenix’s return!”

Final Fantasy XIV (RR), “I like the direction they’re taking the game in, bringing back some classic Final Fantasy monsters, locations and Job classes!”

So there you have it, our highlights and what we’re really interested in checking out. Will these games live up to expectations? Only time will tell with TGS ’12 only about 15 hours away!

Japandaman Going To Tokyo Game Show 2012

Just a quick note to announce that for the 3rd year running, Japandaman will be at Tokyo Game Show bringing you all the news about the hottest and exciting games coming out in the near future with pics and hands on previews.

Joining myself will be Managing Editor, Carol or Japandawoman, Senior Art Editor, Stephanie and the latest addition to the team, Rob, our newest photographer who’ll be helping to capture all the TGS action.

We’re all excited and can’t wait to hit up Makuhari Messe during the press days from September 20 and September 21. So stay tuned as the trickle of TGS news begins to leak out of Japan in the lead up to one of the biggest gaming shows on the gaming calendar!

Japandaman & Aussie Gamer Team Up For Wii U Podcast

Keep forgetting to post this but better late than never. Our good friends over at Aussie Gamer asked me to take part in their most recent podcast as a special guest which was extremely nice of them, big thumbs up!

The theme of the podcast was Wii U impressions following the Nintendo presentations at E3. Give it a listen and try not to laugh at my voice!


Also give the Aussie Gamer Facebook a Like for your chance to win a Wii U, easy enough to do. Like and you’re in the running, it’s that easy.

The podcast can be checked out here and the A-G Facebook page is here.